Australia Students to Fiji

Volunteer Programs in the Fiji Islands
Life-Changing Experiences for Australian Volunteers

University Placements & Summer Programs For Australian Students – In Partnership with the Fijian Government

Volunteer in Fiji and experience the unique culture, customs and way of life of the incredible South Pacific islands. 

Make lifelong friendships and shared memories on a challenging team project, whilst gaining global experience, developing unique skills and making a real contribution. 

Our projects offer you the opportunity to actually join a traditional village, to become a member of a Fijian family and to work as a team whilst contributing to youth, sports, health or engineering programs.

Whether you are looking to enhance your university degree or embark on a meaningful adventure, join a team and work alongside rural Fijian communities on local initiatives which in partnership with the Fijian Government, are achieving groundbreaking results.

Project at a Glance...
  • Largest Volunteer Project to the South Pacific.
  • Meaningful 16-Day Programs in the Fiji Islands.
  • In Partnership with Fijian Government.
  • Complete cultural immersion in rural village.
  • Live with a traditional Fijian family.
  • Work on Youth, Sports, Health, or Engineering projects.
  • Achieve personal growth, develop soft skills and challenge your expectations.
  • Project Fees include; food, accommodation, 24/7 in-country support, weekend adventures, domestic travel, charity donation (flights not included).
  • Expedition Costs $2,895 for 16-Days in Fiji (see costs below).
  • Apply for OS help funding – up to $6,791
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Why Join a Think Pacific Project?

Whether you’re taking a rewarding summer break or looking to enhance your studies, on a Think Pacific project you can;

  • Experience;  Gain hands on service learning or work placement experience.
  • Contribution; Make an impact to sustainable development goals.
  • Challenge; Expand your comfort zone and throw yourself into island life.
  • Learn; Learn a new culture by living the ‘Kaiviti’ lifestyle.
  • Skills; Develop ‘soft skills’ such as teamwork, communication & leadership.
  • Memories; Create memories and friendships that will last a life time.

Team Challenge + Cultural Immersion + Contribution = Huge Personal Growth

Choose Your Program...
Volunteer with a Team of Like-Minded Students

Click the project below that interests you most to learn more about the aims, the itinerary and what you can gain from the experience.

Think Pacific’s projects delivered across the November & December months are specifically designed to provide an opportunity for students in Australia to source service learning placements, to achieve hands on experience in their chosen field of study or to be a self-developing summer adventure that means you can learn, grown and give back.

Sports Camp
21st Nov - 6th Dec 2021

Join a pioneering program that provides a truly unique experience for children living in the rural areas of Fiji, in partnership with the Ministry of Youth & Sports. Plan, prepare and deliver a fun, engaging & exciting sports camp during the school summer holiday period for a large group of very enthusiastic and appreciative children.

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24th Nov - 9th Dec 2021

Join an engineering project that works in partnership with the Fijian Ministry of Health to create nursing stations or health centres to expand the provision of medical care and increase the capacity of the local nurses and health teams. Create the building with your team from the foundations to the opening ceremony and village celebration.

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Public Health
28th Nov - 13th Dec 2021

Gain hands-on experience of public health in rural Fiji, whilst supporting a National Government Project to create long term change. Working with the Fijian Ministry of Health and our local partners, you will gain valuable Public Health work experience with the knowledge that your hard work is leaving a legacy of sustainable change to create healthier communities.

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Mental Health
28th Nov - 13th Dec 2021

We all know that work experience is highly valued in the psychology sector. But what if you could gain hands-on experience in the realm of mental health, whilst making a phenomenal impact at a community level? With our mental health placement you can achieve both!

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What Skills Do I Need?
A Think Pacific project is open to all students.

You don’t need any prior experience to join a project.

You will, however, need a thirst for experiencing your chosen program in a global context, alongside a desire to learn and implement new skills – whilst working together with Fijian students and youths.

Why Choose Think Pacific?
Learn What Makes Us So Unique

Think Pacific is dedicated to Fiji. We believe to make a global impact; you need a local approach.

Only Fiji

All our focus is on Fiji.

Remote & Real

Go where only we can take you.

Teams Only

Teams of up to 25 students.

Fijian Charity

Sustainable & based in-country.

Fijian Government

Officially partnered with Government.

See Our Unique Itinerary For Every Project...
An Immersive Volunteer Experience
1. Bula, Welcome to Fiji!

Forget about the stress of work or exams by arriving in the exotic South Seas. You will land at Nadi Airport and be met by your Expedition Leaders for the first time.

2. Beach Resort Briefing

Every expedition starts with an all inclusive 2 day briefing at a beautiful tropical beach resort. This is time for you to get to know your team mates, get curious and learn about Fijian culture.

3. Journey to Remote Fiji

Leaving your briefing paradise, we travel to your remote traditional Fijian community. Depending on your village, this could be a truck to deep jungle or ferry to an outer island.

4. Join a Fijian Village

Arriving into your Fijian village is an exciting and nervous moment! Every door is open in a Fijian community and the generosity and genuine excitement of the local people is profound. By the end of the project our volunteers feel as though they are leaving a second home in the South Pacific.

5. Kaiviti Life

Some of your greatest experiences will be the simple activities of daily Fijian life; learning how to weave palm leaves, cooking Fijian food in underground earth ovens, drinking ceremonial Kava with the chief, husking coconuts or fishing ‘Fiji-style’.

6. The Volunteer Project

High impact and ethical volunteering alongside community members and Fijian youths. The days are rewarding and incredibly busy!

7. Adventures

Live at the heart of some of the most rural communities and immerse yourself into local village life, where everyday is a new experience. If you’re looking for the ultimate adventure then Fiji is waiting to be explored…

8. Leaving Your 2nd Home

Leaving your Fijian village is an emotional experience; such are the close bonds that are formed between our volunteers and the local community. Farewell dinners, tearful goodbyes and the pride in your achievements will sum up your final days.

9. Rest & Relaxation

We finish the project by enjoying our final couple of days relaxing at a beautiful beach resort. We ask for your all-important feedback as we reflect on the project and celebrate your achievements with a farewell dinner.

Hear From Past Volunteers...
"I'll Never Forget the Friends I've Made in Fiji", Vicki
Projects Costs
Ethical, Transparent & Sustainable

Your expedition fee includes your food, accommodation, in-country travel, resort briefings, R&R, weekend activities, emergency support and your expedition leader team living alongside you 24/7. Expeditions also fund the work of the Think Pacific Foundation (Fijian charity FJ 989) enabling us to ensure sustainability of the aims.

Registration Fee

$395 (AUD)

This secures your place in the team. It also provides personal support from your project co-ordinator, full access to our pre-departure resources, live online preparation webinars and your expedition t-shirt. Your registration fee is additional to your project fee.

Project Fee

$2,500 (AUD)

Many of our volunteers fundraise this entire amount, it’s up to you whether you fundraise or not but your project fee is due 60 days before project begins. Over 1/3 of your fee supports the long term charity aims in Fiji and ensures the sustainability of the initiatives we implement.

What's Included?
Safe, Supported & Structured

Our philosophy is to provide a high quality and exceptionally well structured volunteer project. Our expeditions are packed full of adventure and cultural insight, whilst having safety and support at their core. We also ensure that through our charity the communities you support receive long-term financial and physical assistance year-round. Think Pacific is not the cheapest volunteer organisation around, but this is for all the right reasons.

All Our Expeditions Include:

  • Airport welcome by Think Pacific Expedition leaders (or resort meet and greet if you arrive early).
  • All in-country expedition travel
  • All project accommodation
  • All-inclusive briefing and orientation from a beautiful beach resort.
  • All meals during your briefing, all meals for 2 weeks staying with your Fijian village family and breakfast and evening meals during your final days of R&R at glorious beach resorts.
  • Guided weekend excursions such as rainforest treks, waterfall visits or island and snorkelling trips.
  • Organised evening Fijian activities including kava ceremonies, lovo feasts, mat weaving,
  • Think Pacific Leaders and Fijian Matanivanua guides living with you 24/7.
  • In-country Director, Fiji based Project Managers and UK team providing planning, risk assessment and 24-hour back up support.
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information & personal volunteer project planning.
  • Fiji expedition de-brief at a selection of beach resorts or castaway islands.
  • Your project donation towards the youth development goals in Fiji (which is used to purchase educational and sports equipment, fund scholarships and training for local people and build village facilities and school classrooms).
What's Not Included?
  • International Flights ($550 – $700 AUD)
  • Spending Money (budget $300 AUD)
  • Visa ($100 AUD)

Fiji Project Dates

Click the button below to see our expeditions dates…

Receive OS Help Funding
OS-HELP is a government student loan that supports overseas learning.

Think Pacific projects are applicable for OS Help funding up to $6,791.

Are you eligible to receive funding support? You just need to contact the relevant university staff member to request support for your application.


Apply for OS help funding – up to $6,791
Not Your Average Volunteer Project

Whether you join a construction project or a sports projects, you will be supporting aims set out in the Fiji National Development Plan, through our formal partnerships with;

  • Fijian Ministry of Health
  • Fijian Ministry of Youth & Sports
  • Fiji National Sports Commission
  • Fiji National University
  • Youth Champs 4 Mental Health
  • NSO’s: Fiji Rugby Union, Athletics Fiji, NRL Fiji, Netball Fiji, Cricket Fiji
More Volunteer Stories...
Our Projects for Australian Students...
Are Crafted by the Fiji Experts
Team Experiences

Join a team of up to 25 like-minded Australian students and instantly become part of a new group of friends as you share something special together. The bonds you make will last a life-time.


Our gap year programs are certainly no holiday. It’s a real challenge. It’s been said that life begins at the edge our comfort zone. You’ll come home with more confidence, new leadership skills and a greater global understanding.

Safe & Supported

Our expeditions are guided with 24/7 care and dedication. Fiji is all we know and love. From our experienced leaders who guide your project each day to our management team in Fiji and the UK,  you’ll receive unrivalled support.


Fully Immersive

Every project is located in a rural setting. Journey to a remote village and fully immerse yourself in the cultures and customs of the traditional ‘kaiviti’ lifestyle. We ask you to adhere to the highest standard of Fijian culture as we celebrate and preserve such a special way of life.

Real Contribution

Volunteering during your university summer is one of the most purposeful and rewarding things you can do. Our expeditions are partnered with the Fijian Government which means you are supporting national aims and objectives.

Incredible Memories

So many of our volunteers state their experiences in Fiji are ‘life changing’ and they meet people they’ll stay in touch with forever.  You’ll broaden your horizons and forever be proud that you accomplished something so unique.

In Partnership With...
Contact one our Fiji experts to get your questions answered.
Or, apply online and a member of the team will contact you to arrange a call.