The 'Tubu' Challenge

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‘Tubu’ in Fijian = ‘Grow’ in English

Pronounced = ‘Tum-boo’

Our ‘Tubu’ challenge is designed to enhance student ‘growth’. Helping students to learn new skills, develop new perspectives and increase their employability. 

If you are you looking to learn about sustainable development, develop your cultural fluency and gain international remote working experience – then this free program will be perfect for you.

How Does it Work? Dive into fast-paced short courses, entirely at your own pace. Join live skills workshops, access 1-1 mentoring, gain your ‘Tubu’ certificate by completing a short challenge and much, much more.

Program at a Glance...
  • ‘Tubu’ in Fijian = ‘Grow’ in English.
  • Complete our ‘Tubu’ challenge and gain your certificate of completion.
  • Learn about ‘sustainable development’ in the South Pacific.
  • Experience our ‘Cultural IQ’ module and live workshops.
  • Enhance your remote working skills, with an insight into our ‘Think Ahead’ series.
  • Join live panel series and skills workshops with industry experts, across 9-sectors.
  • Access 1-1 support from our expert virtual internship mentors.
  • Explore our 70+ Fijian partners.
  • Join our exclusive community of socially conscious students and professionals.
  • Can be completed in less than 4 hours, at your own pace.
  • Lifetime access to Think Pacific live events and community.
Who is This Program For?

This is a Global Student Program. It is for any student with a passion for personal and professional development. Especially…for those wanting to expand their global perspectives, increase their cultural intelligence and develop sector specific skills within an international framework.

Please note: This program goes live on the 22nd Feb 2021 and there are limited spaces available – on a monthly basis.

If you wish to experience our ‘Tubu’ program then please submit your email and you will be one of the very first to receive access. We trust you are as excited as we are about this new virtual experience!

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