Virtual Internship - Intern Testimonials

Hear From Those Before You...
Reflecting on their virtual internship experience

Wondering if a virtual internship with Think Pacific is right for you? Check out what some of our first ever virtual interns have to say about their experience.

These interns have all embraced a new culture and created their own unique action projects to address real problems for our partners in Fiji. Through these amazing projects, they have all made a meaningful impact and contributed to Fiji’s National Development Plan and UN Sustainable goals as well as gaining valuable work experience.

We have 9 different career fields for interns to choose between, this page will be divided by these fields: NGO Management, International Development, Business and Enterprise, Marketing, Environment, Global Education, Psychology, Global Health and Sports Development.

If you still have questions after watching these then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


NGO Management
Katherine Sibbald
Cardiff University
Cristina Alexandra Trifan
University of Westminster
 Nancy Smith
The University of Exeter
Emily Gifford
University of Bath
International Development
Tom Scrase
Oxford Brookes
Chelsea Maddison
The University of Exeter
Aditi Dutta
University of Southampton
Lauren Satterthwaite
University of Manchester
Priya Brown
University of Bristol
Ahsan Salman
Lancaster University
Business and Enterprise
Xena Perryman
Swansea University
Jack Bishop
The University of Liverpool
Donya Baghaie
Trinity College Dublin
Khalid Salman
University of Edinburgh
Brian Ma
The University of York
Isobel Piercy
The University of Southampton
Grace Pheasey
York Saint John's University
Ellen Sowerby
Marketing Consultant
Robbie Macklesack
The University of Glasgow
Sarah Rebitt
The University of Victoria (Vancouver)
Matt Inwood
University of Exeter
Eleanor Smith
Charles Sturt University, Australia
Andrew McCroskie
The University of Edinburgh
Becca Goodyear
University of Southampton
Anna Svarc
King's College London
Sammi Fletcher
Leeds Beckett University
Amy Rayland
The University of Nottingham
Ellie Gunn
Loveborough University
Global Education
Amber Morley
The University of Edinburgh
Olivia Ellis
Bath Spa University
Global Health
Megan McKee
University College London
William Shotton
The University of Nottingham
Georgie Shelley
The University of Nottingham and UCL
Andrea Perez Navarro
Imperial College London
Sports Development
Samuel Cotter
Hannah Tsang
The University of Derby
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