Celebrating Fiji’s Cultural Heritage

Discover & Celebrate...
Fiji’s Rich Cultural Heritage

If you’re looking for an immersive cultural experience, this the volunteering program for you.

Help not only preserve Fiji’s cultural identity but help celebrate it too.

You’ll discover, learn and take part in traditional Fijian customs and daily routines – helping to gain a deeper appreciation of what it means to be Fijian.


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Protecting Fiji’s Diverse Cultural Identity

Our volunteering projects are designed to showcase and celebrate the wonderful culture and traditions of Fiji. The story of Fiji is one of majesty, adventure and honour; something all Fijians should value and treasure.

By learning, discussing and participating in traditional customs and activities, we can help Fijian Youth feel proud about their cultural identity (in an increasingly westernised world).

Fiji’s culture is not something we want to lose – it encourages belonging, community and love. These values help us all live with more meaning and purpose.

Our Approach
The Fijian Village
Small in Size, Big in Community
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Learning About Traditions
Adhere to Age-Old Customs

Before we can we can think about contributing and helping, we must first listen and learn.

This element of project life is focused on learning from Fijian youth and village elders to help you understand what life in a Fijian village truly means.

You will learn all sorts of traditions, such as cooking, language, subsistence living, customs and all aspects of village life.

Follow your host family in daily activities for an immersive experience that leaves no stone unturned. This is hands-on, unfiltered and an opportunity for learning, reflection and communication.

This experiential approach will help you better understand global challenges and opportunities by being able to leverage your own unique time in a Fijian village.

How Can You Support Fiji's Cultural Identity?
Immersive, Cross-Cultural Learning

Learn what life in a traditional Fijian village is like. From everyday activities, to traditional customs, you’ll gain a deep understanding of what it means to be Fijian.


Get stuck in with traditional activities and collaborate with your host family and community to discover this incredible culture.


Empower Fijian Youth by getting them excited about their heritage and culture. Help them communicate and lead you through a cultural learning experience.

The Type of Activities Involved

Fijian culture is vibrant and fascinating. During your project, you will experience life at the heart of traditional villages, which we are honoured to visit and you will gain a real insight into the culture, customs and island lifestyle of Fiji.

By the end of your project, you will have more understanding of the Fijian way of life than a thousand tourists or any guide book. You’ll have learned a lot about yourself as well.


Learn, practice and perform traditional Fijian mekes.


Enjoy traditional Fijian cooking and food – including cooking in a “lovo” (underground earth oven).


Learn to speak Fijian and help preserve this unique and special language.

Chiefly Traditions

Take part in traditional customs and ceremonies, such as drinking kava with the chief.

Take a guided tour of Buliya Island & Village...
with the village headman, Semisi Tamanivalu
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