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Boosting Enterprise, Employability and Entrepreneurship in Fiji
Helping Inspire New Ideas and Career Opportunities

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit to help spark creativity and flare amongst Fiji’s rural populations. This is a fantastic opportunity to really get stuck in and help support employability in the South Pacific.

Fiji benefits when more people have the skills and experiences businesses need. Improving employability can unlock new economic opportunities for the country and its people.

Use your own experiences and knowledge to help introduce new ideas and skills to Fiji Youth.


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The Rural Economy

We want rural communities to have the same access to employability and career opportunities as those in Fiji’s major towns. This can help inspire new economic development in these rural settings. 

We support Fijians in creating their own solutions to challenges they face, in a commercially viable setting. Through education, awareness and hands-on support, our volunteers can help empower Fijian youth to take control of their futures.

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Real World Impact
Case Study - Bula Batiki

Bula Batiki is a great example of a social enterprise that is helping create jobs and opportunities for rural communities in Fiji.

It illustrates that there is so much opportunity for Fiji to innovate and create businesses and organisations that can have a global impact.

Helping diversify Fiji’s economy and create new job opportunities will help us achieve clear aims from Fiji’s National Development Plan.

How Can You Support Employability and Enterprise in Fiji?
Employment. Entrepreneurship. Careers. Business.

Promoting an entrepreneurial culture through sustainable micro, small and medium enterprises is essential for job creation, income generation, rural development, and empowerment of youths and women.

Our aim is to create projects that give Fijian Youth a set of experiences, personal attributes and transferable skills, which can positively impact their future education, career ambitions and transition to life beyond study.

You can play an integral role in helping achieve this.


You will learn and discuss the career and business opportunities in the South Pacific. This will follow by learning how to implement campaigns and workshops that help stimulate ideas and transfer knowledge and skills.


You will collaborate with Fijian Youth to help create and implement training, workshops and outreach campaigns. You will help facilitate the reach of business training in rural areas.


Empower local communities by helping to promote awareness around business training as well as supporting the implementation of new initiatives.

The Type of Activities Involved

Help introduce new skills to Fiji Youth. Understand what skills they need and create an environment to foster and develop these skills.


Support the delivery of training programs to help empower rural communities. Encourage and support business innovation through entrepreneurship training and mentoring programmes.


Help introduce new activities that stimulate entrepreneurial thinking and ideas. This will help empower Fijian’s to create businesses that solve real problems.

Cross-Cultural Learning

Something as simple as practising their English could make all the difference for a Fijian’s job prospects. Your presence and passion can make a big difference in a short time.

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