Laidlaw Scholars Fiji Project

A Challenging 1 Month Volunteer & Leadership Expedition
Project At a Glance...
  • Develop Leadership Skills & Global Understanding
  • Work on Fijian Government Development Aims
  • Meaningful 1-Month Project itinerary
  • Sustainable & Locally Designed Charitable Objectives
  • Challenge Yourself Through Remote Living
  • Team Expedition With Like-Minded Students
  • Lead Education, Health, Sports and Creative Projects to Inspire Fijian Children
  • Homestay = Live with a Traditional Fijian family
  • Demanding & Adventurous Weekend Excursions;
  • Daily Briefing, Reflections & Assessment
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6 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer in Fiji
A Truly Life-Changing Experience
1. Contribution
Across our university volunteer projects last summer we saw a 40% increase in literacy and a 600% increase in sports and extracurricular activities for the children we worked with. With TP you really do put your university skills to the best possible use!
2. Challenge
Expand your comfort zone by throwing yourself into a “back-to-basics” island experience as you live with a Fijian family at the heart of a traditional village and sample a simpler way of life. Students return with more understanding of poverty issues and of the difference they can make.
3. Learn
Swap academic course work for experiential learning and challenging adventures. Develop greater global awareness and learn about a unique culture and way of life.
4. Experience
Gain hands on experience and transfer your degree studies and extracurricular passions as you teach, mentor or coach. sports to children. The experience is something students treasure as you become responsible for inspiring and encouraging children to succeed.
5. Skills
Develop teamwork, leadership & communication skills. We deliver aims for the Fijian Government (The Ministries of Health, Education & Sports), which contribute towards national targets. This is something to shout about to employers when you return, developing your CV and expertise.
6. Memories
Create memories and friendships that last a life time. Most students join our project on their own & return with a new group of amazing friends. We love the fact that TP becomes a highlight of people's time at university and something they always look back upon with so much pride.
Global Leadership Development

A Think Pacific project is a meaningful personal development journey that allows students from universities all around the world to challenge themselves, whilst making a positive contribution to international development aims and expanding their understanding of the world.

Students and young people work within a team of up to 24 like-minded people to deliver basic education and sports development initiatives – on behalf of the Fijian Government. To do so, they must plan learning activities and communicate effectively with peers, community members, school teachers and children.

Over the course of a project, every student shall experience a complete cultural immersion, an invigorating team-based challenge and a structured and inspiring learning and leadership journey.

The Project Itinerary
Expedition Components
1. Welcome to the South Pacific

Journey to the remote South Pacific Islands. You will land at Nadi Airport and be met by your Expedition Managers.  Please arrive with a positive mindset and a sense of adventure. Be ready to throw yourself into new tasks and experiences.  Think Pacific is a huge challenge.

2. Training & Briefing

Every expedition starts with an intensive 3 day training camp. Your group with live in close proximity in dorm accommodation. Long days are filled with seminars, workshops, practical sessions and inspiring speakers. Be ready to work as a team, learn and present.

3. Journey to Remote Fiji

Leaving your briefing base, we travel to your remote traditional Fijian community. Depending on your village, this could be a truck to deep jungle or ferry to an outer island.  The whole team will reside in the same Fijian village. This is back-to-basics and a true cultural experience.

4. Join a Fijian Village

Arriving into your Fijian village is an exciting and nervous moment! Learn the unique mindset of Fijians and the true value of traditional Fijian life. Engage in conversation with the chief and elders and always maintain the highest standards and integrity for your hosts. We’re privileged to experience the real Fiji.

5. Kaiviti Life

Some of your greatest experiences will be the simple subsistence activities of daily Fijian life; learning how the community works and learning how to be self sufficient. Washing in the river, weaving palm leaves, cooking Fijian food in underground earth ovens, drinking ceremonial Kava, husking coconuts or fishing ‘Fiji-style’.

6. The Volunteer Project

We focus upon developing youth and sports in remote primary schools. We are tasked deliver key aims for the Fijian Government, specifically the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. You’ll provide one-to-one tuition and establish kindergarten programmes, coach a variety of sports & lead ‘The House Cup’!  The days are rewarding and incredibly busy!

7. Challenges

Work as a team to explore Fiji’s remote terrain at weekends as we organise guided excursion days.   You will plan and undertake treks through the jungle, visits to rural settlements or explore the remote coastal areas – all far from the tourist trail and physically demanding activities.

8. Achievement

Complete your project aims and prepare to depart your school and village. Realisation of your impact, increased confidence, knowledge and understanding as well as farewell dinners and tearful goodbyes will sum up your final days.  Leaving your Fijian village is an emotional experience with close bonds formed.

9. Reflection

We finish the project by reflecting on the experience as a whole and in particular 1) Your Impact = Did you achieve the core government aims and how?    2)  Your Self-Development =  Especially relating to leadership, confidence and personal learning outcomes.  You will discuss and present to your managers.

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How Will You Contribute?
Delivering Core Aims In Partnership with the Fijian Ministries

Provide numeracy & literacy teaching assistance in remote Fijian primary schools.

Health Awareness

Devise initiatives to communicate health benefits and implement projects to engage communities and children in positive changes.

Sports Development

Deliver daily sports coaching sessions for children and build confidence and self esteem through physical activity.

Creative Activities

Develop creative ways to engage youth in areas of art, drama, music and enterprise through our ‘House Cup’ competition.

Netball & Rugby

If you have a passion, lead and coach Rugby or Netball with primary school children & villagers.

Early Years Education

Prepare and deliver daily kindergarten sessions as we implement early years education in line with government strategy

The 15 Think Pacific Leadership Development Attributes
All Enhanced During a Think Pacific Volunteer Project...
1. Global Intelligence
The ability to interact effectively with people from different cultures. Displaying behavioural flexibility and self-awareness to use appropriate behaviour and recognise cultural difference.
2. Emotional Intelligence
Displaying the capacity to manage one’s emotions and express them effectively. Whilst also handling interpersonal relationships effectively and the ability to empathise.
3. Teamwork
Effectively collaborating with a range of personalities across a wide range of tasks such as sports coaching, creative arts and education.
4. Integrity
Making ethical decisions and taking the moment to consider the context before acting.
5. Curiosity
Seeking to learn to improve knowledge, understanding, relationships and performance.
6. Resilience
Displaying the ability to maintain energy, focus and a positive attitude despite the changing environment and potential adversity.
7. Enterprising
Displaying resourcefulness, along with the ability to seek out opportunity and take initiative.
8. Motivation
The ability to work productively to consistently achieve individual goals and team targets.
9. Responsibility
Being fully accountable for one’s actions and being reliable.
10. Confidence
Developing self-confidence by overcoming daily challenges such as public speaking and preparing group activities.
11. Communication
Displaying the ability to debate, reason, express feedback and problem solve in tough situations.
12. Critical Thinking
The ability to display strong judgement when giving feedback on daily activities.
13. Adaptability
The ability to recognise and react appropriately to rapidly changing environments.
14. Creativity
Expressing the ability to create meaningful ideas and solutions to problems to achieve a positive outcome.
15. Respect
The ability to persuade others to support an idea because of one’s trust gained by peers.
What's Included?
Ethical, Transparent & Sustainable...

Our philosophy is to provide a high quality and exceptionally well structured volunteer project. Our expeditions are packed full of adventure and cultural insight, whilst having safety and support at their core. We also ensure that through our charity, the schools and communities you support receive long-term financial and physical assistance year-round. Think Pacific is not the cheapest volunteer organisation around, but this is for all the right reasons.


All Our Expeditions Include:

  • Airport welcome by Think Pacific Expedition leaders (or resort meet and greet if you arrive early).
  • All in-country expedition travel
  • All project accommodation
  • All-inclusive briefing and orientation from a beautiful beach resort.
  • All meals during your briefing, all meals for 3 and a half weeks staying with your Fijian village family and breakfast and evening meals during your final days of R&R at glorious beach resorts.
  • Guided weekend excursions such as rainforest treks, waterfall visits or island and snorkelling trips.
  • Organised evening Fijian activities including kava cereonies, lovo feasts, mat weaving,
  • Think Pacific Leaders and Fijian Matanivanua guides living with you 24/7.
  • In-country Director, Fiji based Project Managers and UK team providing planning, risk assessment and 24-hour back up support.
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information & personal volunteer project planning.
  • Fiji expedition de-brief at a selection of beach resorts or castaway islands.
  • Your project donation towards the youth development goals in Fiji (which is used to purchase educational and sports equipment, fund scholarships and training for local people and build village facilities and school classrooms).

Laidlaw Scholars to Fiji Project Dates


7th July – 4th August 2019


Student's Stories From Fiji
A Collection of Testimonial Videos For You..

Head to the Think Pacific Vimeo page to watch ALL of our student testimonials. We just couldn’t fit them all on here unfortunately. 

Ed Alston - University of York
Ellen Massey - University of Leeds
Helen Lamport - Durham University
Aslam Norhan - UCL Student
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