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Fiji Volunteer Expedition 🌏

How Much Does an Expedition Cost?
Think Pacific is a UK Social Enterprise and a Fijian Charity With Ethical Project Fees

We pride ourselves on the delivery of a safe, structured and personally supported experience.  Your expedition fee includes your food, accommodation, in-country travel, resort briefings, R&R, weekend activities, emergency support and your expedition leader team living with you 24/7.  Expeditions also fund the work of the Think Pacific Foundation (Fijian charity FJ 989) enabling us to support thousands of youths annually to ensure sustainability of the aims.

Since 2009, volunteers have been joining our expeditions from around the globe, supported by our offices in Fiji and the UK. Here’s our prices in some commonly requested currencies;

Registration Fee

£195 GBP / $375 AUD /  $275 USD

This secures your place in the team. It also provides personal support from your project co-ordinator, full access to our pre-departure resources, live online preparation webinars and your expedition t-shirt. Your registration fee is additional to your project fee.

Project Fee

1 Month – £1500 GBP / $2800 AUD /  $2050 USD

2 Months – £3100 GBP / $5600 AUD / $ 4200 USD

16 Day – £1300 / $2470 AUD / $1770 USD

Many students access university funding or fundraise this entire amount, it’s up to you whether you fundraise or not but your project fee is due 60 days before project begins. Over 1/3 of your fee supports the long term charity aims in Fiji and ensures the sustainability of the initiatives we implement.

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What's Included?
Safe, Supported & Structured

Our philosophy is to provide a high quality and exceptionally well structured volunteer project. Our expeditions are packed full of adventure and cultural insight, whilst having safety and support at their core. We also ensure that through our charity the communities you support receive long-term financial and physical assistance year-round. Think Pacific is not the cheapest organisation around, but this is for all the right reasons.

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All Our Expeditions Include:

  • Airport welcome by Think Pacific Expedition leaders (or resort meet and greet if you arrive early).
  • All in-country expedition travel
  • All project accommodation
  • All-inclusive briefing and orientation from a beautiful beach resort.
  • All meals during your briefing, all meals whilst staying with your Fijian village family and breakfast and evening meals during your final days of R&R at glorious beach resorts.
  • Guided weekend excursions such as rainforest treks, waterfall visits or snorkelling trips.
  • Organised evening Fijian activities including kava ceremonies, lovo feasts, mat weaving,
  • Think Pacific Leaders and Fijian Matanivanua guides living with you 24/7.
  • Fiji Office & Extensive Fiji based staff team +  UK team offering 24/7 back up support
  • Highest standard of project planning, safety and risk assessments
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information, webinars and access to your private network app
  • Fiji expedition de-brief at a selection of beach resorts
  • Your project donation towards sustainable development goals in Fiji (which funds scholarships and training for local people, resources and materials to achieve local aims).

1 Month Expedition Dates…

1-Month 2022 Dates

Community Development Expedition

2nd Aug – 30 Aug

Youth Empowerment Expedition

28 July – 25 August

29 July – 26 August

23 September – 21 October

28 October – 25 November

1-Month 2023 Dates

Community Development Expedition

25 May – 22 June

15 June – 13 July

29 June – 27 July

20 July – 17 August

3 August – 31st August

Youth Empowerment Expedition

20 January – 17 February

24 February – 24 March

24 March – 21 April

28 April – 26 May

26 May – 23 June

2 June – 30 June

11 June – 9 July

13 June – 11 July

18 June – 16 July

20 June – 18 July

25 June – 23 July

2 July – 30 July

7 July – 4 August

16 July – 13 August

22 July – 17 August

Mental Health Placement

10 June – 8 July

17 June – 15 July

15 July – 12 August

21st July – 16 August

Sports Development Expedition

9 June – 7 July

23 June – 21 July

14 July – 11 August

1 August – 29 August

2 Month Expedition Dates…

2-Month Expedition Dates 2022

27 September – 22 November 2022

2-Month Expedition Dates 2023

19 January – 16 March 2023

6 April – 1 June 2023

22 June – 17 August 2023

16-Day Projects

16-Day 2022 Dates

Youth Empowerment Expedition

25 June – 10 July 2022

28 November – 14 December 2022

16-Day 2023 Dates

Youth Empowerment Expedition

24 June – 9 July 2023

Remote Internship Program 💻

Remote Internship Program Dates 2022
Mon 1st Aug 2022
Mon 8th Aug 2022
Mon 15th Aug 2022
Mon 12th Sept 2022
Mon 10th Oct 2022
Mon 24th Oct 2022
Mon 7th Nov 2022
Mon 21st Nov 2022
Mon 5th Dec 2022
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Investing in Fijian Communities

Crucial to our projects and wider mission, is that your fee funds the year-round work of our registered Fijian charity, Think Pacific Foundation (FJ989).  Our charity focuses upon capacity building and training of local people, which leads to sustainable outcomes of the Fiji National Development Plan.  This includes providing training, funding internships, supporting local empowerment and job creation for Fijian youths and furthering advocacy surrounding messages of public health, mental health, sports development and enterprise at rural community level.  We believe that the most effective and sustainable outcomes can only be achieved by investing in the skills, knowledge and personal development of local people, especially youths, so they may contribute effectively to local decision making processes and be the leaders of change in their communities.

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Unique Insight, Adventure and Exploration

We combine structured projects with unique cultural experience and exploration. Each expedition includes learning about local customs and skills, adventurous activities and time to relax at beautiful island resorts alongside your projects. You will work as a team to achieve a variety of sustainable development aims during the week and you will spend your evenings and weekends immersing in Fijian life and enjoying all excitement and life changing memories of traditional Fijian life.

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