Projects in Fiji

Global Experiences In The 'Real' Fiji
In Partnership with the Fijian Government

Experience the unique culture, customs and way of life of the South Pacific islands.

Make lifelong friendships and shared memories on a challenging team project, whilst developing unique skills, boosting your confidence and making a real contribution.

Our projects offer you the opportunity to actually join a traditional village, become a member of a Fijian family and work as a team to contribute to youth, sports, health or building initiatives – on behalf of the Fijian Ministry of Health, Fijian Ministry of Youth & Sports and other local partners.

Whether you are looking to enhance your university studies or embark upon a meaningful gap year adventure, our projects in Fiji provide a life-changing experience that enhances your personal and professional development.

At a Glance...
  • Meaningful team volunteer project & placements in the Fiji Islands.
  • In partnership with Fijian Government.
  • Complete cultural immersion in a rural village.
  • Live with a traditional Fijian family.
  • Work on Youth, Build, Sport, Mental Health, Public Health & Leadership initiatives.
  • Choose from a 2-month, 1-month or 16-day project.
  • Develop employability skills, meet like-minded people and make a contribution.
  • The project includes; food, accommodation, 24/7 in-country support, weekend adventures, domestic travel, charity donation.
  • University scholarships & bursaries available – Learn More Here.
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Projects in Fiji 🇫🇯

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What Makes Our Projects in Fiji So Special?

Our projects are based in rural parts of Fiji, a world away from the usual crowds and tourists. The villages and communities you’ll have the privilege of living in are accessible only by Chiefly invitation, which means you can sample a way of life that few people will ever be fortunate enough to see!

Arriving in your Fijian village is the most exciting day of the expedition. Each team visits a different community to complete the project objectives, as requested by the Fijian Government and Provincial Councils. The communities are so incredibly excited about your arrival that the entire village will gather to greet you from the bus and welcome you into their community. By the time you depart from your project, you will feel like you have a second home, a newfound family and a long long list of friends. You’ll be welcomed into the community with the famous Fijian warmth and kindness that is greater than you could imagine.

Our advice is that you immerse yourself in every aspect of Fijian life, embracing and seeing the culture and country through the eyes of the local people. You’ll need to take an active interest in Fijian customs, culture, values and traditions. If you do all this and you throw yourself wholeheartedly into the Fijian village experience, you’ll get so much back and make so many amazing lifelong memories.

All of our Projects In Fiji Are...
Fijian Led

Locally led aims & initiatives.

Remote & Real

Go where only we can take you.

Teams Only

Teams of up to 28 participants.

Fijian Charity

Targeted sustainable development.


Facilitating Fijian Government objectives.

Our Projects...
Which Program Excites You Most?

Our projects promote the Fiji National Development Plan and UN Sustainable Development Goals. They offer you the opportunity to support and work In partnership with the Fijian Government and over 70 organisations.

Community Build
Construct a Requested Village Health Clinic
Learn More
Youth Empowerment
Collaborate with Fijian Youths
Learn More
Mental Health
Promotion & Advocacy Initiative
Learn More
Sport Development
Community Sport Coaching & Engagement
Learn More
Global Team Internship
Work for NGO's in Suva
Learn More
2-Month Project
Our Biggest Experience
Learn More
Hear What Our Past Participants Have To Say About Our Award-Winning Projects...
Not Your Average Project

No matter which project you join, you will be directly supporting aims set out in the Fiji National Development Plan, through our formal partnerships with organisations such as;

  • Fijian Ministry of Health
  • Fijian Ministry of Youth & Sports
  • Fiji National Sports Commission
  • University of The South Pacific
  • Youth Champs 4 Mental Health
  • Diabetes Fiji
  • Alliance For Future Generations

We’re proud to be partnered with over 70 Fijian organisations.

What To Expect From A Think Pacific Project
Projects Crafted By Our Expert Team And Partners In Fiji
Team Experiences

Join a team of up to 28 like-minded young people and instantly become part of a new group of friends as you share in something special together. The bonds you make will last a lifetime.


Our projects are certainly no holiday. They’re a real challenge. We believe that a bigger challenge means bigger rewards. You’ll come home with more confidence, new leadership skills and a greater global understanding.

Safe & Supported

Our projects are supported with 24/7 care. From our passionate and dedicated Project Leaders, who guide your project each day, to our management team in Fiji and the UK, you’ll receive unrivalled care and support as a participant both pre-departure and on project.

Fully Immersive

Every project is a learning journey, which connects you sensitively and authentically with Fijian culture, customs and local life. You’ll learn to live ‘like a Fijian’, adopting the Fijian lifestyle and the Kaiviti culture as if it were your own.

Real Contribution

Supporting aims set out in the Fiji National Development Plan means you can contribute directly towards UN Sustainable Development Goals. Collaborating on the implementation of grassroots initiatives, on behalf of our partners in Fiji, will ensure you arrive home feeling incredibly proud of how you have spent your time abroad.

Incredible Memories

So many of our participants state their experiences in Fiji are ‘life changing’ and that they met people they’ll stay in touch with forever. You’ll broaden your horizons, create precious unique memories and forever be proud that you accomplished something so special, in a destination so remote and so beautiful.

Project Fees
How Much Does it Cost?

We pride ourselves on the delivery of a safe, structured and personally supported experience.

Your expedition fee includes your food, accommodation, in-country travel, resort briefings, R&R, weekend activities, emergency support and your expedition leader team living alongside you 24/7. Expeditions also fund the work of the Think Pacific Foundation (Fijian charity FJ 989) enabling us to support thousands of youths annually to ensure sustainability of the aims.

Registration Fee

£195 GBP / $345 AUD

This secures your place in the team and gives you access to our Global Skills Programme, an online course to give you the foundations of success before departing for Fiji. It also provides personal support from your project co-ordinator, full access to our pre-departure resources, live online preparation webinars and your expedition t-shirt. Your registration fee is additional to your project fees.

University Scholarships

Students can apply for scholarships and bursaries to join our projects in Fiji.

To find out if there’s funding available at your university or in your area, download our funding guide. Click here to learn more.

Project Fees

16 Day = £1400 GBP / $2550 AUD

1 Month = £1950 GBP / $3500 AUD

2 Month = £3100 GBP / $5600 AUD

Our philosophy is to provide a high quality and exceptionally well structured volunteer project. Our expeditions are packed full of adventure and cultural insight, whilst having safety and support at their core. Click ‘What’s Included’ below to learn more.

Travel Costs

Your travel costs are not included in the project fees. We support you every step of the way to book return flights, personal travel insurance and we process your visa when in Fiji. Please see the approximate costs below within ‘What’s Not Included’.

Cost Breakdown
See Cost Breakdown
Project Dates

Join a Project in Fiji in 2024 and 2025…

1-Month Project Dates 2024👇🇫🇯

Youth Empowerment

19th Mar – 16th Apr 2024

29th May – 25th June 2024

10th June – 7th July 2024

17th June – 14th July 2024

24th June – 21st July 2024

27 June – 24 July 2024

3rd July – 30th July 2024

15th July – 11th Aug 2024

17th July – 13rd Aug 2024

22nd July – 18th Aug 2024

01 Aug – 28 Aug 2024

28th Sept – 25th Oct 2024

20th Nov – 17th Dec 2024


Community Build

26th May – 22nd June 2024

8th June – 5th July 2024

30th June – 27th July 2024

29th July – 25th Aug 2024


Sport Development

27th May – 23rd June 2024

19th June – 16th July 2024

27th July – 23rd Aug 2024


Mental Health

5th June – 2nd July 2024

1st July – 28th July 2024

11th July – 7th Aug 2024


Global Team Internship (New!)

3rd June – 30th June 2024

3rd July – 30th July 2024

4th August – 31st August 2024

16-Day Project Dates 2024 👇🇫🇯

Youth Empowerment

22nd June – 7th July 2024

13th July – 28th July 2024

28th Nov – 10th Dec 2024


Mental Health

1st Dec – 16th Dec 2024


Global Team Internship (New!)

3rd Dec – 18th Dec 2024

2-Month Project Dates 2024 👇🇫🇯

15 June – 10 August 2024  

23 Sep – 18 November 2024

1-Month Project Dates 2025 👇🇫🇯

Youth Empowerment

27th Jan – 23rd Feb 2025

17th March – 13th April 2025

5th May – 1st June 2025

16-Day Project Dates 2025 👇🇫🇯

Sport Development

15th Jan – 30th Jan 2025


Youth Empowerment

20th Jan – 4th Feb 2025


Mental Health

18th Jan – 2nd Feb 2025


Global Team Internship (New!)

17th Jan – 1st Feb 2025

In Partnership With...