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Volunteer in Fiji and experience the unique culture, customs and way of life of the incredible South Pacific islands. Our projects offer you the opportunity to actually join a traditional village, to become a member of a Fijian family and work as a team to contribute to education, youth, sports development, health, mental health promotion or building programs.

We offer the best version of volunteering;  Projects which are locally led, in partnership with the Fijian government, sustainable and responsible.  We’re a cultural exchange which fosters learning, understanding, equality and respect. You’ll make small contributions to existing local initiatives, guided by local people in a structure of collaboration and you’ll return with new friends and changed perspectives. This is volunteering the ‘Think Pacific way’.

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If you’re considering Think Pacific, then with the right mindset, you will have a hugely purposeful, self-developing and rewarding experience. Be prepared for challenge, a tremendous learning experience,  reflection and immense cultural exchange . Our projects are tough but the rewards will stay with you.  We’re looking for people who want to fully embrace Fijian life, are happiest outside of their comfort zone and are keen to throw themselves into new experiences and activities. We practice volunteering where your contribution is achieved through thoughtful interactions, learning through a Fijian perspective and a desire to work side-by-side with people of different cultures. You will return a more educated person, who has made a true connection with Fiji. And you’ll encapsulate volunteering ‘the Think Pacific way’.

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Think Pacific is a social enterprise, which funds our Fijian charity. For over a decade, we’ve partnered with the Fijian Government to support local community initiatives that promote health, sports development, education and advocacy, but fundamentally provide education, skills training and job creation for unemployed young Fijians.


Our project provides the chance for Fijian youth and international students to work in collaboration and learn from each other.  This fosters global understanding, a celebration of Fijian culture, an exchange ideas and a sharing of knowledge and in so doing, contributes to the personal development of Fijian youth and our volunteers.


We expose students to different ideas, beliefs, cultures and challenges that can broaden minds, expand cultural intelligence and develop soft skills. We challenge our participants intellectually, emotionally, and physically because we believe growth and discovery are often found outside of comfort zones.

Why Volunteer With Us?

Think Pacific is more than a volunteer program; we lead you to the heart of the Fiji Islands combining volunteering and unrivaled cultural insight. Whether you’re taking a gap year, a break from work, a rewarding summer holiday, or an escape from your studies, volunteer with us and you’ll leave Fiji enriched by your experiences and part of a group of friends you’ll be in touch with for years. Fiji is the only country we operate and our all our programs are guided, designed and overseen by our charity, registered in the Fiji Islands, The Think Pacific Foundation (FIJI) charity number FJ 989 and in conjunction with the Fijian Ministry, ensuring your volunteer contribution is part of a bigger picture of long term support and sustainable development.

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