The 'TP Award’

Achieve the 'TP Award'
Recognition for Leadership & Employability Development

Our aim is for every student to complete their project with a set of experiences, personal attributes and transferable skills, which can positively impact their future education, career ambitions and transition to life beyond study. 

Upon the successful completion of a Think Pacific project, volunteers can receive the ‘TP Award’.

This award acknowledges the soft skill development of our volunteers following their immensely challenging time on project, whilst also acknowledging their contribution to a rural community and the implementation of Fiji’s National Development Plan.


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The Personal Development Journey
Challenge, Immersion, Collaboration
  • A Think Pacific project is a meaningful personal development journey that allows students from universities all around the world to challenge themselves, whilst making a positive contribution to international development aims and expanding their understanding of the world.
  • Students and young people work within a team of up to 24 like-minded people to deliver community development initiatives – on behalf of the Fijian Government. To do so, they must plan learning activities and communicate effectively with peers, community members and youth groups.
  • Over the course of a project, every student shall experience a complete cultural immersion, an invigorating team-based challenge and a structured and inspiring learning and leadership journey.
Leadership Development of International Volunteers
On a Think Pacific Project...

TP volunteers will be expected to undertake leadership activities in a challenging and changing environment, which means they can achieve the following learning outcomes;

Global Leadership Abilities

Able to communicate Think Pacific outcomes, goals and vision

Displays global Intelligence & empathy with open mind

Ability to lead activities & others without authority

Social & Cultural Awareness

Build relationships with Fijian community members

Adapt to Fijian culture with passion & empathy

Approaches new settings with emotional intelligence

Effective Communicator

Can language personal and team reflections

Can speak effectively to a group

Can communicate with individuals from different backgrounds


Has an understanding of own leadership style/s

Is open to feedback and open to change

Curious attitude and continual learner


Ability to persist during within challenging environment

Motivates others through consistency

Persistently displays determination to achieve end goal

Critical Thinker

Decisive in new environments

Drives innovations and ideas

Takes initiative to implement ideas

Collaboration & Team work

Positive member of Think Pacific volunteer team

Can collaborate with Fijian Youth & Community members

Receiving the ‘TP Award ‘
How Volunteers/Students Graduate with the Award
TP volunteers will graduate if they have successfully;
  • Adhered to Fijian customs and cultures
  • Implemented holistic health development aims on behalf of Ministry of Health
  • Been a positive member of the volunteer team and Fijian community
  • Collaborated on community workshops across holistic health components
  • Engaged in daily team briefing and debriefs
  • Provided a short reflection journal, covering the TP Leadership Learning outcomes
  • Lead sports development or extra-curricular activities
  • Adhered to Think Pacific code of conduct
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