Why Choose Think Pacific?

We are Dedicated Solely to Fiji
So Much More Than Your Standard Volunteer Project!

We don’t spread ourselves thinly across numerous countries, we focus on high-quality programs, projects and partnerships only in the Fiji Islands.

Think Pacific is a life-changing adventure filled with learning, new friendships and contribution. People who volunteer with us see Fiji through the eyes of local people and return with a second home and a second family in Fiji. You’ll make lifelong friendships and shared memories whilst being immensely proud of what you have learnt and what you have achieved.

If you want to challenge yourself and be a part of something unique, then join a team and volunteer in traditional village, as we work alongside local youth groups to contribute to Fijian Government aims.


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12 Reasons Why Think Pacific is Unique
This is Not Your Average Volunteer Project!
12 Reasons Why Think Pacific is Unique
Here's The Reasons if You Can't Watch The Video...
1. Only Fiji
All our focus is on Fiji
2. Teams Only
Teams of up to 20
3. Fiji Government
Partnered with Fijian Government
4. Sustainable
Our Fijian Charity
5. Self Development
Challenge yourself & develop yourself
6. 24/7 Support
Expedition leaders by your side
7. Cultural Exchange
Learn the Kaiviti Lifestyle
8. Transparent Costs
Ethical cost breakdown
9. Expedition
Not just a volunteer project
10. Homestay
Be adopted by a family
11. Remote & Real
Go where only we can take you
12. Memories
Make stories that will love forever
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Volunteer Testimonial
Dimua - Batiki Island
Community Testimonial
What Is It That Makes Us So Unique?
In More Detail For You...
1. Fiji Experts

If you’re thinking about volunteering in Fiji, then we’re the specialist organisation for you. Fiji is all we know and love. It’s the only country we operate.  We’ve been guiding young people through this breathtaking country for almost a decade. Every member of our staff team has extensive experience of living and working in Fiji.  Our knowledge and expertise of this area of the world is unparalleled. We have a team of over 30 staff annually guiding our projects in Fiji, including our experienced management team. We are in direct partnership with the Fijian Government.  Our aims were designed by Fijian communities to address Fijian need. Our Fijian charity is one of the most respected in the country.

2. Teams Only

We only do teams of up to 20 people. You will live, work and travel in a team of young, enthusiastic, slightly nervous, fresh thinking and likeminded people. We aim for a fair mix of male and female volunteers aged 17 -35. All our volunteers have the same things in common – a curiosity to learn, sense of adventure, a passion for making a positive contribution, and a desire to experience the real Fiji!

3. Fijian Government

The depth of our association with local communities, government departments, charities and local organisations within Fiji is unique. Think Pacific is an organisation built upon collaboration and long term partnerships, of which we are very proud. Our partnerships mean that we achieve community driven action plans in line with government aims. We listen to communities’ needs, achieve projects that wouldn’t be funded by any other means and create opportunities for community youth groups to thrive.

4. Sustainable

You volunteer for a short period of time, but with Think Pacific your impact is part of a long-term plan, which achieves sustainable charity initiatives. Our foundation implements programs year-round to foster local empowerment and advocacy in support of the Fijian Government’s National Development Goals.

5. Self Development

A Think Pacific project is not a holiday, it’s a real volunteer project and a true cultural experience which definitely comes with some challenges and huge personal growth. Living with your fellow team members in remote villages means back-to-basics conditions, cold bucket showers, poor sanitation facilities, eating traditional food, sleeping on a mat in a simple wooden and tin house. You’ll come out the other side with a different outlook on life, better understanding of yourself and a broader understanding of life beyond your day-to-day world.

6. 24/7 Support

Think Pacific’s staff oversee the project from start to finish in Fiji, backed up by a UK team. Expert expedition leaders live alongside you in the village for the whole experience, guiding each day. We have a team of over 30 staff annually guiding our projects in Fiji, including our experienced management teams in the UK & Fiji.

7. Cultural Exchange

With Think Pacific, this your chance to have an experience far from the tourist trail. The villages in Fiji are accessible by strict chiefly invitation only. Fijian life is incredibly communal, friendly and truly fascinating. The entire village live and work together, adhering to ancient cultures and customs. On a project you will learn and live the fascinating ‘Kaiviti Life’. It is a huge privilege to be welcomed into these remote and wonderful communities.

8. Transparent Costs

We are very proud of our ethical and transparent project fee. By joining Think Pacific, you can be sure that your money not only provides an adventurous and rewarding experience for you, but is used to make a long term difference to youths in rural communities.  Your project fee has a wider impact than you’ll see just in your village.  Through our unique model, you are making a difference to thousands of youths and families, some living in areas that are just too remote or simply uninhabitable for us to send volunteer teams.

9. Expedition

We call our projects ‘expeditions’ because we plan, prepare and guide each one with the care, passion and attention to detail befitting such a unique and challenging team project. Our expeditions are reviewed by government departments, trusted by world class universities and visited regularly by the British High Commissioner for Fiji. Our experienced Fiji management team support you 24/7, backed up by our UK office. You are under the care of Think Pacific in Fiji and we take this responsibility seriously and with pride. Our leaders guide your project every day, from start to finish, living with you in the community to offer exceptional personal support. We follow thorough risk assessments and strict policy guidelines to ensure your safety and support throughout.

10. Live With Families

You will join a traditional Fijian village and you live with local families. The experience is truly a privilege. Fijians have a justified reputation for being the friendliest people on earth. Every door is open in a Fijian community and the generosity and genuine excitement of the local people is profound. You’ll experience hospitality, so immense, you’ll be talking about it for years and you’ll form a close bond to the people within your community. By the end of the project our volunteers feel as though they are leaving a second home in the South Pacific.

11. Remote & Real

Forget all about the beach resorts or the big towns, we head to the real Fiji. To the absolute heart of the beautiful and remarkable country. Our projects are based far from the tourist trail.  Village locations you can only visit on invitation by the Chiefs. And it’s here where you’ll experience the real Fiji and some of the most welcoming and hospitable communities imaginable, this the Fiji that Think Pacific invites you to experience.

12. Memories

Put this all together and what do you have? A unique guided journey to the heart of Fiji only possible with Think Pacific. One which gives you the rewards of broadening your mind, challenging yourself and making a difference to a charity which is supporting real change. Also, a second home in the distant south seas, where you’ll forever be welcomed back with open arms. There’s few chances many of us have in life to do something as remarkable as volunteering and to experience somewhere as remote as Fiji. Our promise to you is, if you take your chance – you’ll never regret it and you’ll leave Fiji with a new perspective on life.

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