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Empowering Future Leaders
Investing in Youth to Inspire & Lead Future Generations

We believe leaders are made, not born. Think Pacific creates a powerful experiential leadership experience, to accelerate the development of future Fijian leaders. We immerse groups of inspired international volunteers, into rural Fijian communities to work with local Fijian youths.


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Supporting Fiji’s National Development Goals

Fiji is a young country with around 62 percent of the population below the age of 35. On a Think Pacific project, you will assist the Fijian Government to achieve the goals of;

  •  “Empowering youths to be agents of change”
  • “Empowering women to ensure they reach their full development potential”
  • “Promoting youth issues and youth participation in leadership”

Source; National Development Plan – The Fijian Government

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What Can You Help The Think Pacific Foundation to Achieve?
Discovery, Training, Opportunity, Community
  • Discovery; To discover new leaders in the rural settings, to drive the National Development Goals for future generations of Fijians.
  • Training; Empower people who may not see themselves as leaders in a traditional sense. Supporting future leaders with the skills and connections they need to be effective.
  • Opportunity; Provide access to jobs through local partners &/or the Think Pacific Foundation. Also providing the opportunity for young Fijians to connect, learn and work with young people from outside the Pacific Islands
  • Community; By accelerating youth leadership, we can increase community engagement to address social issues and bring people together.
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How Do We Achieve Leadership Development?
Our Learning Pathway
In order to turn experience into learning, we design our programmes using a unique learning pathway.
Learn and discuss topics.
Lead others as you share your learnings.
Gain a deeper understanding through feedback.
What Activities Are Included?
Our Learning to Lead Model
Cultural Intelligence

Learn and understand different ways of life from local Fijian Youths.


Work alongside Fijian youth to engage community members in holistic health advocacy.

Team Leadership Skills

Accomplish fun, challenging and light-heated team activities together.

Life-Skill Workshops

Learn, discuss and reflect on life-skill principles that define high-quality leaders.

Accelerate YOUR Leadership Skills

The TP experience gives students and young people from around the world, the opportunity to learn and lead on a global platform, through immersion and cultural exchange. Through this we hope to develop your;

  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Self-awareness
  • Decisiveness
  • Communication
  • Employability
  • Critical Thinking
  • Resilience
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