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Our Mission

We empower disadvantaged youth to overcome poverty issues and achieve holistic health. We achieve this by improving education, sports development, infrastructure assistance and health promotion. As an ethical volunteer company and a registered Fijian charitable trust (FJ989) we have improved the lives of thousands of Fijian children.  Our initiatives, programmes and impact continue to grow each year.

Why Our Projects Are Needed?
In Rural Fiji - 75% Children Live in Poverty
A Real Country of Contrasts

For the majority of tourists visiting Fiji, the underlying issues of hardship are not immediately visible. It’s not until you journey beyond the resorts and into the rural communities, that issues aftecting children in Fiji become clear. In a destination more synonymous with paradise than poverty, the harsh truth is that in the rural villages, over 75% of families live below the poverty line and only 50% of the rural population have access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation. Schools are in a poor condition and devoid of basic materials and many children drop out of education early. Less than 5% of children in rural areas have access to early years’ education. Access to organised youth schemes, sport and extra-curricular activities are limited to non-existent. In February 2016 Fiji witnessed it’s worst cyclone ever recorded. Over 400 schools were damaged, 50,000 families displaced and entire communities destroyed. Fiji could take a generation to recover and children are in dire need of long term support.

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What Is Our Impact?
Some Of Our Proudest Achievements
children supported each year
1000 +
children attend early years education anually
increase in sports participation
60 +
Building Projects Completed
Over $3m
Invested into Fiji So Far
Kindergartens created
Increase in school attendance
Improvement in Literacy in Summer 2016
hours of educational support for disadvantaged children
Our Core Aims
Sustainable, Collaborative & Long Term...

Through our volunteer projects and wider sports initiatives we are increasing sports participation, promoting inclusion and instilling aspiration for children living in hardship as well as using sport as a tool to promote health.  We have coached over 40,000 children across Fiji, introduced PE lessons to over 100 schools and village settings, launched island tournaments in netball and rugby and advanced sustainable sports in rural areas by training teachers and developing over 50 youth sports teams.  Each year we run the the Suva Sports Camp to provide disadvantaged children with purposeful activities to fill their school holidays.  We have increased access to sport by 600% on average across all schools we work with and we donated sports resources to enable sports classes to be sustained in every school we support.

Early Years Education

We provide Fijian Children with the best possible start to life through Early Years Education. We have established 72 kindergarten programmes in rural areas, which are now being run long term by local teachers and Fijian volunteers.  We have helped to provide early years education for over 1,000 children.  We supply resources and educational materials to early education centres.  We train teachers and provide workshops to develop national teaching methods in conjunction with our partners at the Ministry of Education. We also partner Fijian non-for-profit “The Little One’s” and support their delivery of ‘The Mobile Kindi’ which provides early years education to rural and urban areas.

Aid Relief

We support communities that are in desperate need. For example in February 2016 many of Fiji’s remote islands and rural villages had their homes and livelihoods destroyed during Cyclone Winston. Think Pacific were one of the fastest charities to respond, being the first agency in Fiji to make contact and land on Koro island.  We have provided over FJD 100,000 in aid during 2016 –  distributing food, clothing, water and tools to rebuild.  We funded for every child on Koro to receive educational packs and for every kindergarten and school to have education materials replaced.  Working with the Rotary Club of Suva, we have distributed desks, chairs and school resources to support hundreds of children across rural areas of Ra Province. We are still continuing our assistance in distributing resources and rebuilding facilities.


We have achieved the design and complete construction of over 60 building projects for poor and rural communities in the Lomaiviti Islands of Fiji, including Moturiki, Gau, Nairai and Batiki.   Projects are highlighted by communities themselves,  approved by the Lomaiviti Provincial Council and assessed by the Towards a Healthy Fiji Islands Initiative at the Ministry of Health.  We have funded all building projects entirely, using income derived from our volunteer projects and company resources to enable the design, implementation and hiring of local building managers.  We have also trained unemployed Fijians to learn carpentry skills, using the projects as a training scheme under the NEC programme.  Our achievements include building community centres, kindergarten school classrooms, health clinics,  toilet and sanitation blocks and improving bridges and walk ways for remote villages.  Through these projects we have created healthier environments for communities to live and children to grow up in.


Think Pacific have built 14 health clinics in rural areas since 2009, providing the first medical facilities for rural communities. In addition we donate basic health resources to these communities including helping to provide Ultra Sound machines to remote hospitals. Through our WASH programme,  we have supported the Fijian Government in gathering data for all villages on Koro Island, instigating national response to improving basic sanitation conditions.  Working with UNICEF, Think Pacific staff have been trained to deliver programmes including Just Play, promoting health and active lifestyle changes.  We have installed fresh water and improved sanitation for over 1000 villagers and built over 15 toilet and sanitation blocks. Health Advocacy plays a key role in our projects as we educate children and provide key messages of the dangers drugs, alcohol, tobacco, obesity and importance of oral hygiene.

Primary Education

Think Pacific support over 10,000 children annually,  we donate school resources,  provide health advocacy, expand extra-curricular activities and work one-to-one with children to improve basic literacy and numeracy.  In 2016 our projects showed, on average, a 40% increase in improvement in literary for those children we worked with.  This was achieved from testing children before and after our support and direct feedback from teachers.  Our projects work in partnership with the Fijian Ministry of Education who highlight the schools we work with.   We develop PE lessons in rural schools and provide training to local teachers to expand out of school clubs and sports participation. We train over 40 teachers annually. We have achieved building projects in 6 schools, improving toilet and sanitation facilities, building school boarding accommodation, staff rooms and kindergarten classrooms.

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