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Think Pacific Foundation works to empower rural communities and in particular, young Fijians, to expand their education, skills training and job opportunities.  Through our Fijian Government partnerships, we support Fiji’s National Development Plan, achieve local needs assessments and collaborate on national programs to improve health, education, sports development, local enterprise, life-skills and infrastructure in rural communities.  We facilitate individuals to drive prosperity in their communities. Through our volunteer projects we aim to celebrate Fijian culture, customs and traditional life and foster global connections and shared ideas,  whilst increasing capacity building and funding for grass roots initiatives.

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Our Charity
Think Pacific Foundation (FIJI)
We Work Only in Fiji

As a local charity we are deeply rooted in Fiji – Our home, our pride and our passion.  This focus upon Fiji creates meaningful, long standing relationships and specific local outcomes.

The Think Pacific Foundation (FIJI), charitable Trust FJ989, comprises of talented Fijian Trustees, Youth & Sports Officers, Health Professionals, Former Fiji Civil Servants and OSEP practitioners.  The Foundation operates year round, regardless of volunteers being present and has a budget of approximately 1.5 million dollars annually donated by Think Pacific (UK).

The foundation directs all our aims and initiatives within Fiji. It’s a body that ensures the project aims are worthwhile, matched to volunteers skill level and align with government policy, but also provides long term monitoring of initiatives as well as training, mentoring and capacity building to local Youth Groups,  Sports Teams, Teachers and Fijian NGO’s we support.


We Contribute To National Strategies
Sustainable, Collaborative & Long Term Aims

We work on national strategies and under MOU agreements with the Fijian Ministry to help communities achieve holistic health. We work in areas of education and advocacy, sports development, health promotion and infrastructure development and we support young people to foster leadership skills and become the agents of change in their communities.



Fiji's National Development Plan (2017-2036)

Think Pacific volunteer projects and development programmes are delivered in partnership with the Fijian Government’s National Development Plan, which provides overarching guidance to all our initiatives. We support key aims including Health, Education, Sports Development, Youth Leadership and Women’s Empowerment. Fiji’s NDP is aligned with global commitments including the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but applies these to a Fiji-specific context.

Youth Engagement, Employability & Leadership

In partnership with the Fijian Ministry of Youth and Sport, we work long term with registered youth groups across rural areas of Fiji, supporting young adults to improve their skills, increase their employability and contribute positively to their communities. Through our volunteer programmes we foster global understanding, mutual respect and understanding. We help international and Fijian volunteers realize they are capable of being leaders and creating change, locally and globally.

Towards a Healthy Fiji Islands

We support Towards a Healthy Fiji Islands Initiative, part of the World Health Organisations Pacific wide approach to reducing NCD’s and creating healthy communities. We have been a driving force behind this initiative since 2009 and Fiji’s Former National Advisor for Health is one of our charities Trustees. The programme encourage Fijian children and youths to achieve seven core aims of holistic health to improve their life expectancy and future opportunity.

Our Achievements
Some Of Our Proudest milestones Since 2009
18,000 +
Children have been introduced to extra-curricular activities
People have access to improved water supplies and sanitation in rural areas
increase in sports participation maintained following our programmes
Fijian young men and women trained in engineering and carpentry skills
Over $7.5m
Invested into Fiji through our projects and year-round donations
Kindergarten programmes created, which now operate without volunteer assistance
Of participants reported projects increased their personal development
Improvement in literacy rates recorded (from testing children pre and post project)
Hours of 1-1 educational support provided for disadvantaged children
Building projects completed including opening 14 new health clinics
Of teachers said our programmes enhanced pupil engagement in class
18,000 +
Children have undertaken our health and hygiene workshops
Teachers and community members trained to lead Physical Activity lessons
170 +
Jobs created for local people
Work based training placements organised for unemployed Fijian youths
community businesses launched
Villages have hosted community projects
40 +
Annual Internships for Fijian university students
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"Think Pacific strives to maintain the highest standard of respect for Fijian culture and traditions"
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