What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual Internship?

Published 03/06/2020

With travel plans currently on hold, our remote internships present an unrivaled opportunity to make a difference, whilst gaining unique skills and experiences.

Here at Think Pacific, our virtual internship is helping us to continue to contribute to Fiji’s National Development Plan whilst supporting global student growth during these unprecedented times.

What is a Think Pacific Virtual Internship?

All you need to complete a virtual internship is a computer, phone and internet connection. We’ll connect you with real life projects supporting communities in the Fiji islands, as well as providing insightful mentoring, coaching and support to help you contribute to global issues.

Virtual internships are designed around you – they are flexible to your schedule and interests.

Like any internship, they are not all created equal so it’s important you choose one that resonates with you and your interests. For those looking for a meaningful experience, our virtual interns at Think Pacific work under our Fijian Charity on real-world projects alongside the Fijian government, so it is ideal for those who want to make an impact and achieve something of real value, beyond their own personal or career development.

Benefits of a Virtual Internship

There are so many benefits of a virtual internship, including:

1. Learn

A Think Pacific virtual internship is the perfect setting to learn about new cultures, global challenges, international and local development, and your own interests.

We’ll explore barriers, which create inequality and how the government in Fiji,  NGO’s and local communities are working to support marginalized groups and promote sustainable development, especially in rural areas.

There is flexibility to focus on the areas that most interest you, so you can gain tangible learning from your internship for both personal and career development.

See how Fiji is striving to tackle social, health, community development and environmental issues as well as apply and adapting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Or learn how Fiji’s is adapting to climate change or delivering aims aligned with the World Health Organisation in remote islands.

2. Contribute

Our virtual internship is designed for those looking to contribute and work on real-world issues. It is for those who want to feel valued and appreciated.

The program is focused on supporting the Fiji National Development Plan and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

You’ll choose from over 100 different causes and challenges and contribute to achieve an outcome.  If you’re proposal is good enough, this will be put into action and rolled out in Fiji.

3. Challenging

It may be virtual, but that doesn’t mean it’s not challenging.

We will challenge you to think differently and think about how to solve complex problems facing Fijian communities.

Gain a Fijian mindset and approach solutions, knowledgeable about global differences, traditions and cultural beliefs.

We’ll ask you to test your skills in a real world environment and achieve practical outcomes

4. Experience

With unique access to international NGO’s, Fijian government workers, as well as inspiring local people, leading change in their islands, you will gain a deep understanding and appreciation of Fijian life and community.

It may be virtual, but you will feel the warmth and kindness of the Fijians and become inspired to contribute to national aims.

It is a very unique opportunity in the social enterprise/NGO sector to gain such direct access to influential mentors, social entrepreneurs, charity trustees, government advisors and NGO staff, who will support you with your ideas and provide insight into working in the third sector.

It’s a fantastic virtual experience during travel restrictions. Check out the latest reviews on GoOverseas.

5. Skills

Develop new skills to boost your CV.

You can focus your attention on specific areas and hone in related skills and knowledge.

Our aim is for you to gain something unique to demonstrate at interviews and achieve unique and demonstrable work experience, especially for those wishing to enter such a competitive sector as a career.

Through our skills sessions, you can practice and develop hard skills applicable to the work place –  such as research, bid writing, proposal creation, video editing, report writing, analysis. There’s no  better way to learn than through applying these skills to achieve real world projects and tangible outcomes.  Whilst also developing your ‘soft skills’ such as leadership, self-management, team work and communication.

6. Connections

A virtual internship can still create global connections and networks.

You can collaborate with other students and meet like minded people, with the same interest in making a global impact.  You will also network with professionals, with decades experience in the charity and social enterprise sectors.

We believe virtual internships provide a unique opportunity to make a global impact without leaving your home. They provide an opportunity to learn, reflect and contribute to real-world projects that are set out by governments and international NGO’s.

7. Meaningful

Do something hugely meaningful with your spare time.

Your virtual internship can fit around your studies, work or lifestyle and is the chance to do something that truly impacts the lives of others.

Your completed project could provide local jobs or income, expand access to education, help a community business grow, help a charity receive vital funding, ensure a campaign is launched to promote healthy lifestyles or mental health, support women’s empowerment, reduce youth unemployment or protect the environment.  What ever cause you choose, you’ll be developing skills, whilst helping to contribute to organisations and communities on the other side of the world, who can gain so much from your time, effort and hard work.

Learn More About A Fijian Virtual Internship with Think Pacific

Together with our in-country partners, we have taken our award-winning programs online to bring you a virtual experience like no other. 💻🌴

This pioneering program allows you to contribute to Fiji’s development from the comfort of your home – whilst gaining unique experience within sustainable development and creating new global connections. 🌎🌐

We believe that through this program…together we can achieve something truly remarkable – in the face of adversity! 👊

With limited spots available, make sure you apply to avoid missing out.


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