Meet Our Team

We're The Think Pacific Team
Bula! - Om Swastiastu! - Hello!

Every member of Think Pacific is either a local resident or has been inspired by their time in either Fiji or Bali.

From past participants who’ve fallen in love with Think Pacific, to Chiefs, Government Advisors and Youth Leaders, they’ve all been handpicked for their skills, passion and dedication to supporting Think Pacific.

We are a purposefully small & personable organisation full of dedicated people who care passionately about esponsible global mobility projects that make a positive contribution to the islands we call home.

One Global Team

You’ll find our global team based across three locations – the wonderful city of Leeds, UK,  the truly remarkable islands of Fiji and now Ubud – the cultural capital of Bali! Our teams are in touch constantly, providing the peace of mind that Think Pacific is entirely responsible for your project from start to finish on both sides of the world.

Our intention is that when you join a Think Pacific project. you’ll feel part of a unique ‘family’ and the TP community. We put everything we have into guiding hugely personal projects and our team will be with you every step, ensuring that your experience and contributions are as rewarding and fulfilling as they can be.

We hope you enjoy learning more about who we are, what we do and look forward to guiding you on a journey that will stay with you forever.

Hear The TP Story...
From Our Co Founder, Harry Hunter
Meet The TP Team

From the minute you speak to us, you’ll be made to feel part of our team and the wider Think Pacific community. You can check out the team below, but feel free to send any general questions to

Danny Threapleton
Community Development Manager (Fiji)
Laisa Drua
Operations and Finance Manager (Fiji)
'Solo' Solomone Sigawale
Community Liaison Officer (Fiji)
Cameron Watson
Regional Manager - Pacific
Katherine Maloney
Asia-Pacific Partnerships Manager
Lavenia Curuivalu
Internships Manager (Fiji)
Alice Bradburg
Project Leader (Fiji)
Susana Vulawalu
Study Tour Manager (Fiji)
Sienna Adderly
Program Coordinator + Recruitment & Partnership Lead (UK)
Francis Chottu
Construction Manager (Fiji)
Frankie Cox
Program Coordinator & Pre-Departure Support Lead (UK)
Faith Naduva
Program Coordinator - (Fiji)
Tom Scrase
Project Coordinator & Social Media Lead (UK)
Grace Chang
Program Coordinator - (Fiji)
Ethan Yates
Project Coordinator and Ambassadors Lead (UK)
Isireli Baravilala
Project Leader (Fiji)
Esther Waqakibau
Program Coordinator - (Fiji)
Robbie Mackessack
Project Coordinator and Operations Lead (UK)
Ratu Tomasi Raibe
Project Leader (Fiji)
Litia Qeteqetelevu
Project Leader (Fiji)
Alicia Brown
Regional Manager (Indonesia)
Ketut Putra
Project Coordinator (Indonesia)
Leilani Mar
Programme Leader (Fiji)
Adi Vani Momoedonu
Programme Leader (Fiji)
Ema Dakunimata
Programme Leader (Fiji)
Harry Hunter
Co-Founder & Director
Simon Darker
Co-Founder & Director
Nigel Scott
Tom Whitehead
Our Project Leaders

We are privileged to have a remarkable and diverse team of Project Leaders who guide our projects and provide 24/7 support and pastoral care to our participants. All of whom compete for a place in the team across our 6 month recruitment process, followed by a 6 month training program.

The majority of our leaders are past participants themselves or exceptional local youth members; often wishing to further Think Pacific’s impact and help others fall in love with Fiji or Bali in the same way they did!

Around 5% of our past participants have the opportunity to return as team leader and we are immensely proud that each one is dedicated young adult striving to share their passion and further their career.


Feeling Inspired to Join A TP Team & Make a Long-Lasting Impact in Fiji or Bali?
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