Adrienn’s Story of Summer Volunteering in Fiji

Published 31/08/2017

Adrienn’s video will always remind her of…

“One of the best months of my life”

Adrienn Szabadics, 4th Year Bournemouth University Student

This summer, Adrienn spent 4 weeks with a team of fellow students volunteering on Think Pacific’s Student Global Mobility Program. During which, she supported the Fijian based charity by volunteering in a rural school whilst living as a member of a traditional village, Nadrala.

In partnership with the Fijian Government, the projects aims are to empower disadvantaged children to overcome poverty issues and achieve holistic health. Adrienn and her team of students from across the UK achieved these aims by delivering early years’ education support, primary school assistance, daily sports coaching, and basic health promotion.

In return, the students experienced the program’s student development aims of developing leadership skills, creating new relationships and imrpoving cultural awareness.

Here’s what Adrienn has to say about her video & her time in Fiji…

“This video contains just a few of my memories from my July expedition to the Nadrala Village, Fiji.

From the very first truck ride filled with nervous excitement to the pure elation of being greeted by our new Fijian Families, as well as our time in the school and trekking the surrounding mountain ranges.

During our project, we did so many things in the village, school and local community…

Just a couple of my favourite memories are when we hosted a village funday with sports & activities which gave the kids an opportunity to try out new games. Also, when we celebrated one of our TP volunteer’s birthday in the village with a traditional feast along with kava.

All of my memories could never fit in just a 5 minute video, but I can honestly say, looking back at it will make me think about one of the best months of my life.

Thank you Nadrala village and TP team for this amazing journey.”

We hope you enjoyed Adrienn’s volunteering ‘Vlog’! 🙂

Here’s some more snaps from her time in Fiji for you…

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