Community Choice Awards: Best Volunteer Provider

Published 30/01/2019

We’ve got some really exciting news to announce this week at Think Pacific 🌴😁🇫🇯

Drum roll please… 🥁🥁

Think Pacific has been voted as one of the best volunteering organisations in 4 different categories at the GoOverseas Community Choice Awards!

We’re so humbled and proud to have been recognised for our approach to volunteering. Being rated in the top 3 organisations in 4 different categories out of over 10,000 different organisations is an amazing achievement for us.

There’s also a particular reason these awards mean a lot to us…

Although there are lots of awards in the travel industry, these are different.

These are different because they are based on past volunteer reviews. This means volunteers get to celebrate the organisations that they believe deliver the best projects.

GoOverseas has over 10,000 providers registered on the website and a total of over 50,000 reviews!

These providers operate all over the world and offer projects of all sorts. Despite all the competition, Think Pacific received an array of accolades, including:

  • Impact Award

GoOverseas describes this awards as, “Volunteering abroad, unlike other categories on this site, is the one category where it’s not only important to understand how the experience changed the reviewer. It’s also important to understand if the program achieves its goals and the work volunteers do has a lasting positive impact, so we ask reviewers to rate the impact of their program.”

Think Pacific won this award which highlights our mission as an organisation to truly make an impact on the local communities that host our projects.

  • Safety Award

GoOverseas describes this awards as, “Safety is one of the most important factors we ask reviewers to rate; almost every program on Go Overseas (even those that aren’t in the volunteer abroad category) is rated on safety. In particular, we want to know how safe volunteers felt while volunteering and living in the local community.”

Think Pacific won this award as a result of years of crafting expeditions that make volunteers feel safe and comfortable.

  • Support Award

GoOverseas describes this awards as, “While volunteering abroad is an opportunity for volunteers to experience freedom and independence they might never have before, it’s also critically important that the volunteer abroad program they choose is available for any support they do need. We ask alumni to consider how much support the volunteer abroad program staff provide.”

Think Pacific were runners up and highly commended for support due to all our incredible on-the-ground staff in Fiji, including dedicated expedition leaders for every project.

  • Fun Award

GoOverseas describes this awards as, “We obviously think that volunteering abroad should be a fun experience — in fact, we ask every reviewer to tell us how much fun they had overseas, for almost every program they rate on our site. For volunteer abroad programs, we ask alumni to share what they rate the social scene for their volunteer abroad program.”

Think Pacific were runners up and highly commended for projects that are fun. Our projects are designed to not only offer unrivalled support and impact for the local communities, but also an experience that volunteers can truly cherish filled with unique and fun moments that’ll last a life time.

We’d like to say a huge vinaka vaka levu (big thank you) to all our incredible volunteers who wrote us a review and helped support us. 🏆

We may be a small organisation that focuses solely on Fiji, but we’ve showed that our holistic approach to ethical volunteering creates win-win opportunities for both the host communities and the volunteers.

To feature so highly on so many awards when competing against so many organisations from all over the world, it really does help illustrate the benefits of volunteering in Fiji with Think Pacific.

If you’d like to learn more about us and our “why”, then simply get in touch to learn more about our award winning volunteering to Fiji.

The video below provides a sneak peak of why 2018 was such a big year for us here at Think Pacific. 2019 is set to be even bigger so make sure you don’t miss out!

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