Ella Nieper, University of Bath Student, Fundraises Project Fees By Completing 100 5km Runs in 100 Days

Published 26/09/2018

100 5km runs in 100 days? We’re tired just thinking about it!

But Ella Nieper, University of Bath student, embraced the challenge and funded her expedition fees to volunteer in Fiji with this extraordinary achievement of running 100 5km runs in 100 days. 👏 👏

Ella illustrated how students can help fund their expedition costs through hard work and dedication.
We’re all so impressed with her achievement and know she’s made the University of Bath and the whole Think Pacific community so proud.










Ella explains how she went about fundraising her volunteering fees below:

“I decided to set myself the challenge of running 100 5km runs in 100 days. Starting on the 1st of January all the way through to the 10th of April, I ran through snow, rain, sun and mud (my trainers became a permanent mud trap, any white socks that got worn turned brown!). I set up a just giving page and shared it on facebook and with all my family and friends. Some of my friends and family accompanied me on some of the runs, which was nice but the majority of the runs were squeezed into my busy uni day so were ran alone. I had to run on lacrosse tour, after hockey matches, after training for both hockey and lacrosse and every week after or before a full day in labs. There were times that it was the last thing on earth that I wanted to do, but with the encouragement of my flat saying run quickly else it will be dark, I managed to push through. When it snowed I had to speed walk it as I physically couldn’t run it! It was hard to stay motivated at first but when I saw my time getting faster and my fitness improved, it became easier and just part of the daily routine. When I was nearing the end of the 100 days, I couldn’t wait to finish and I didn’t go on another run after the 100th, until my R&R in Fiji, almost 3 months after! It was hard but I’m very glad I set myself such a challenge as that made my time in Fiji that much better knowing what I went through to get there. I raised all the £1100 project cost and also around £400 towards my flights. You have to keep asking your friends and family, don’t be shy, it is worth it in the end!”






Get Involved in Volunteering in Fiji

Volunteering abroad is an amazing way for students to gain real life skills and experiences as well as providing tangible benefits for local communities around the world.

Volunteering in Fiji with Think Pacific allows the students to swap their western lifestyles in the UK for a back-to-basics experience to live a very unique way of life. From overcoming language barriers to getting used to subsistence living, these students gain a raw experience of what life in Fiji is truly like. They give their time and effort to support youth and development initiatives in the schools and villages. In return, they received a once in a lifetime experience, full of unique adventures and memories as well as equipping them with transferable skills for their careers and personal lives.

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