‘I had felt a sense of fulfilment in my ability’ Sinéad

Published 31/08/2021

As an international relations student, I was very eager once the opportunity was presented to me to take part in the Think Pacific virtual internship programme as I believed it would provide invaluable experience. Once I was accepted onto the programme, a friendly and encouraging staff warmly welcomed me. Throughout this experience, I have gained an array of knowledge and experienced a shift in perspective towards getting involved with local charities.

By completing a virtual internship with Think Pacific, I collaborated and connected with various types of people all over the UK. Together, all interns were free to bounce ideas off one another and debate the best way to openly tackle our action projects. The Think Pacific team does an excellent job at facilitating virtual social events and cultural and life skills workshops to further interns knowledge of the world of work and expand interns’ knowledge surrounding the exciting history and culture of Fiji. Furthermore, the Think Pacific team encourages interns to take the initiative in setting up virtual coffees in which to socialise with fellow interns through the slack app.

During my internship experience with Think Pacific, I was deeply impressed by the commitment and expertise of all the staff members I had encountered as they profoundly cared for the Fijian people they were representing and the culture. I believe this deeply valuable quality in a team is rare to come by. In a previous volunteering experience, I did not experience the same level of knowledge and deep commitment. Though the team’s passion for the charity and Fijian culture, you begin to develop a deep appreciation and infectious love for the Fijian charity in completing your action project.

Finally, upon completion of the internship, I had felt a sense of fulfilment in my ability to help and support a Fijian charity for which I had a passion. This experience has allowed me to gain the confidence to continue making an impact on others through continuing my work with local charities. Additionally, this internship experience has allowed me to build significantly up my experience on my CV.


Sinéad, age 21.

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