International Roles

Opportunities in Fiji or Bali
We're looking for exceptional people to join our international teams..
Project Leaders

Many of our leaders were once volunteers or interns themselves. Alternatively, you may have a desire to transfer your skills to an international setting.

Project Leader (Fiji)
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Project Leader (Bali)
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Project Co-ordinators

For individuals with more extensive leadership experience and a desire to take on a bigger challenge.

Project Coordinator (Mental Health - Bali)
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Project Coordinator (Global Team Internship Bali)
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For those with 5+ years’ relevant work experience and 2+ years managing people, projects and teams.

Mental Health Project Manager (Bali, Indonesia)
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Global Team Internship Manager (Bali, Indonesia)
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Ambassador Roles

In this voluntary role, you’ll share your firsthand experiences and insights about the impact of volunteering with Think Pacific, highlighting the meaningful connections made with local communities and the positive change achieved through collaborative efforts.

TP Pacific Based Ambassador Roles
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