Kadavu, Namosi, Rewa and Serua Post Project Evaluations Nov 2018

Post Project Evaluations

The Think Pacific Foundation has had a great two weeks completing our Post Project Evaluations for our 2018 settings, where we are learning more and more from our projects and the impact they have on schools and how we can further support our educators.

This also helps us understand how we can sustain our aims and initiatives and from our findings continue to make plans for an even bigger 2019 and beyond.

During Monday 5th – Friday 16th November 2018, Katie and Danny visited Namosi, Serua, Rewa & Kadavu, in collaboration with our local partner, the Ministry of Education.

Teachers stated throughout the provinces that volunteers were very professional in school and kindi settings. A highlight for teachers was being able to have structured check-ins with volunteers who are teaching students in their class. This not only helped to build stronger teacher-volunteer relationships but provided teachers with key insights into the development of children.

The Head Teacher of Nuku Primary explained “Volunteers were very enthusiastic about teaching, you could see the impact first hand the volunteers were making, how activities were being implemented and they were able to share ideas amongst teachers.”

House Cup & Sports activities were very popular with teachers across the provinces. Teachers explained that during those activities it was refreshing to see the children being able to express themselves in a different way through the House Cup themes and active Sports sessions.

An example from Rewa District School was that there were 4 students who had difficulty in reading and were none readers. The Head Teacher explains, “During the project it was great to see those 4 having fun in their learning across 1 to 1’s House Cup & Sports and since the volunteers have left the children are now excelling in their respective classes.”

Key Aims

• Discuss Think Pacific Project Aims & Initiatives with Educators across all settings on the delivery. Discuss impact the Think Pacific teams made within schools and how we can look to sustain and assist in the future.

• Discuss the role and relationships Volunteers and Staff had with teachers and students in each setting.

Key Activities Delivered

• Formal conversations with Head Teachers and Teachers across every setting to discuss their views on delivery and impact Think Pacific teams have made, and where we can look to improve and assist in future.

Key Outcomes

• Across every setting – 1 to 1’s made an impact and positive difference to every child taught. Building confidence and allowing children to express themselves in a different way through House Cup themes and active sports sessions.

• Extra curricular + Sports = Providing opportunities for children to express themselves in a different way which make them excited to learn.

• A need of further resources for schools and kindi to continue our programs e.g. House Cup Activities Arts & Crafts activities + Kindi activities.

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