Mental Health Matters – Paving the Way for Change in The Pacific

Published 14/05/2021

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week we wanted to share a recording from the TP Panel Series 2021: A discussion exploring ‘Pacific Perspectives on Global Mental Health Challenges’.

Pacific Perspectives on Global Mental Health Challenges

This discussion covers:

  • Pacific perspectives on global mental health challenges
  • The development of education, counselling & service support in local and international responses.
  • Pacific youth pioneering new mental health perspectives

Meet Your Panellists:

For this discussion on tackling mental health challenges we are privileged to be joined by:


Lionel Rogers, President of Youth Champs for Mental Health.


Dr Annie Crookes, Psychology Discipline Coordinator, University of the South Pacific.

Why are Conversations Like These Important?

It is essential to open up more discussions around mental health, to pave the way for change and break the stigmas attached to it. Like many societies globally, Fiji is struggling with increasing rates of mental illness which are still misunderstood and underfunded throughout the country. In Fiji, sadly, there is remains significant stigma surrounding mental illness but through increased awareness, education and conversation we hope to see positive change in this area.

To find solutions we must first take time to educate ourselves and understand the issues at hand. This recording of our expert guest speakers discussing ‘Pacific Perspectives on Global Mental Health Challenges’ highlights some Pacific responses to global mental health challenges. We hope you enjoy these interesting insights. Together we can be catalysts for change when it comes to improving mental health awareness, facilities and support in Fiji and around the world 🌎 🤝
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