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Build Vital Community Infrastructure - (Only on 2-Month Expeditions)
In Partnership with Fijian Ministry of Health
Contribute to Creating A legacy

Join our 2 month project and alongside our youth, sports and education aims, you’ll have the opportunity to also learn carpentry and construction skills and work alongside local youths to achieve an incredible building project. All projects are highlighted and overseen by the Fijian Ministry of Health. We build health clinics and nursing stations as a priority to increase the capacity of local health workers. Working side-by-side talented Fijian building managers and local youths, you’ll collaborate to achieve the entire building project, from foundations to completion, during a single expedition.

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Ethical and Sustainable Building
Delivering Building Projects For The Fijian Government Since 2009

Over a decade of experience, completing over 65 building projects. Each project adheres to our highest standards of due diligence, community collaboration, youth training & responsible volunteering.


Our building development projects make a substantial difference to rural villages.  We predominately create nursing station and heath centres to expand the provision of medical care and increase the capacity of the local nurses and health teams.  They are deeply valued and appreciated by local people, who must request projects, be added to a waiting list and are involved in each stage of the assessment, building and ongoing maintenance of the project.


All building Projects are led by the Fijian Ministry of Health, who assess and highlight locations and work in collaboration with rural communities and local health workers to plan the project. This ensures the project is genuinely needed and can be assessed and monitored at community and national level. Each build contributes to the  Fiji National Development Plan and the Towards a Healthy Fiji Islands initiative. These Government policies work towards the outcome of creating ‘healthy communities living in healthy environments’.


Collaboration and sustainable outcomes is key.  Our aim is not to build for a community but to work hand-in-hand with local youths and community members and enable everyone to achieve the construction together. An integral aspect of each build is community pride, skills acquisition and training for local people.  We have trained over 300 youths in carpentry skills since 2009.  Each project our volunteers fund, enables more training and employment opportunities to be created for young Fijians.

What Skills Do I Need?

You don’t need any prior building experience to join the project.  A Think Pacific project is open to all students, gap year students and young career breakers. You will, however, need a thirst for learning new building skills during training briefings and be willing to work hard to put these skills into action.  You’ll be trained alongside local Fijian young men and women and you’re role is to encourage their motivation and learning as you complete this build together.  You’re overseen throughout by our talented Fijian Building Managers.  We’re looking for people who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get involved.  You’ll need to work well with others and be able to empathise with and wish to interact with the Fijian community as you assist to make their project a reality.

Day-to-Day Role

The building project is incorporated into our 2 month project itinerary only.  This is a huge highlight to our biggest expedition and provides an immense legacy to leave as well as our youth, sports and education initiatives. You will be able to rotate and choose between building and leading kids clubs, sports and youth projects.  The day-to-day build will be supervised by our qualified Fijian team, who provide lots of support and training but ultimately it is up to the commitment of you and the local community to work together to complete the project in our set time-frame. Building usually takes place in the morning and afternoon and outside of the midday heat. Jobs include digging the foundations, carrying materials,  basic carpentry and woodwork, sanding and painting.  It’s hugely rewarding to see the project take shape and complete to a huge village celebration.

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