Post Project Evaluations in Ra

Monday 28th – Thursday 31st January 2019 saw Project Managers, Katie and Danny, head to the Province of Ra for Post Project Evaluations, alongside the Ministry of Education.

This was a really effective 4 day visit, discussing with educators how we can grow and further assist children’s educational development. This covered a number of settings our teams have been fortunate to volunteer in last year.

Myself and the teachers loved Think Pacific’s approach to learning, after the project we had learnt so much and were inspired to adopt their teaching approach. Making our lessons more fun, vibrant and engaging!” – Mr Babitu at Mataso Primary School


“One Year 8 student was failing Maths at the start of the year. After the 3 week project had finished and through 1 to 1 assistance, he passed his Mathematics exam with flying colours!” – HT Mr Mataiasi at Nakorotubu Primary School

The key aims of the visit were to discuss Think Pacific Project Aims & Initiatives with educators across all settings on the delivery. This included evaluating the impact Think Pacific teams have made within schools and how we can look to sustain this in the future. The visit also allowed us to discuss the role and relationships volunteers and staff had with teachers and students in each setting and where we can look to improve and assist in the future.

“My two now daughters who came and volunteered in Navitilevu Village and Namuaniwaqa ECE Zoe and Victoria, really helped my own daughter; Aseri. Aseri is in Form 7 at Ra High School and both Zoe and Victoria would assist Aseri in her homework. Because of this help Aseri was able to achieve the 2nd highest overall mark in her whole form in English and Mathematics and was awarded a certificate.” – Adi Dokoni Namuaniwaqa ECE Teacher

Out of all 15 schools in Ra we visited, every setting continues to sustain weekly outdoor Physical Education lessons AND whole School Sports. This illustrates children are more active since our Youth & Sports Teams have completed projects which we are absolutely thrilled with.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be continuing to visit project settings to further review and assess project aims and initiatives to maximise our impact this year.

“The Class 1 teacher at Fulton SDA told me the Kindi children from my last year with the Think Pacific team are very good in recognizing letters, numbers and have high confidence in class. This is why I continue to follow the Think Pacific Kindi Program including the 5 key aims (Circle Time, Phonics, Toothbrush and Handwash, Outdoor Play and Music & Movement) and have taught new children this new year of Kindi this routine.” – Mere Lewavou Namara Village ECE Teacher


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