Students to Fiji – Summer Review 2018

The summer of 2018 has been our biggest and most ambitious here at Think Pacific. 🇫🇯 🌴 🌊

Our volunteers, staff and the Foundation as a whole, achieved so much, so we wanted to take some time to show our appreciation and gratitude for everyone’s hard-work, effort and unwavering passion. 👏👏

The video below explains what the summer entailed for Think Pacific in 2018.

We had volunteer projects across 7 different provinces in Fiji, interacting and engaging with 36 communities and 61 kindergarten and school settings.

To have had 650 volunteers on the ground in Fiji, under the Foundation, is something we are immensely proud of.

To have more than $240,000 invested directly to those school and community settings and a further $1.1 million invested in the communities, in the schools, in the project delivery, and in the Fiji economy more broadly, is something we are unbelievably proud of and incredibly humbled by.

The Think Pacific May-August 2018 Youth & Sports Projects engaged over 650 volunteers to achieve specific
development aims in school settings in the Provinces of Ra, Nadroga & Navosa, Rewa, Namosi, Serua,
Lomaiviti and Kadavu, guided by our Local Partners and MOU documents.


  • 59,850 hours of volunteer support
  • 6,645 children supported

Volunteer Stories

Our volunteers well and truly smashed the projects in 2018. We honestly couldn’t be prouder and we hope each and every one of our volunteers understand the impact they’ve had in Fiji.

Check out some volunteer stories from this year below. 👇

Mission and Objectives


The mission of the Trust is to “foster holistic development and assist in the prevention or relief of poverty in the Fiji Islands.”

Aims of the Think Pacific Foundation (Fiji)

  • Supporting and promoting talent, hard work and frugality.
  • Assistance in provision of health care access to the needy, the sick, poor, aged and anyone otherwise require such assistance, including participating in and organizing health care programmes and initiatives.
  • Provision of funds for the improvement of infrastructure of the poor, the sick, the needy, the aged and anyone otherwise require such assistance.
  • Facilitating sports development and the promotion of extra-curicular opportunities; including providing
    equipment, training, and access for participation in structured activities and sporting events.
  • Financing educational equipment and resources for Fiji’s schools, whilst promoting capacity building through skill and knowledge sharing processes in scholarships and work placements.
  • Undertaking of training programmes to improve the national capacity in the provision of healthcare, education, sports and infrastructure assistance to the communities.
  • The erection, laying out, maintenance, or repairing of building and places for the furtherance of any purpose herein mentioned.
  • Invitation to others inviting contributions, sponsorship, donations, bequests, real property, or any other form of poverty towards the Purpose of this Trust; and
  • Fundraising and seeking finance for its Mission activities and programmes, in Fiji and for the benefit of the people of Fiji.

2019 and Beyond

The summer of 2018 was incredible for so many reasons. We’re so excited for what we can achieve in 2019 and beyond. If you’re interested to learn about how you could get involved, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Think Pacific.

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