📢 A Huge Announcement!…🌏

Published 10/10/2023

Welcome to an exciting new dawn!

‘Think Pacific’ continues to grow 🇫🇯…

‘Think Indonesia’ will be born this year 🇮🇩..

‘Think Global’ is our vision 🌏.

We welcome you to a truly exciting and inspiring time for everyone involved with our organisation. A future of global collaboration, global understanding and global impact, with an award winning local approach.

Since 2009, Fiji has been our home and passion.

It has been our privilege to guide over 8000 young people to Fiji.  We’ve witnessed extraordinary experiences and learning for students, whilst supporting locally directed aims and impact.  This has continued to organically grow year on year.  

In the process, we have been proud to achieve over 400 community projects for rural communities, sign formal agreements with 5 Fijian Government Ministries, facilitate over 1000 action projects for Pacific organisations through our Remote Internship and invest over $15 million dollars into the local economy in Fiji.

Almost 15 years since our first project

In July 2024 it will be 15 years since our first ‘island expedition’ to Fiji.

We began by focussing solely upon one island, Moturiki, and then one province, The Lomaiviti,  and then across the Fiji Islands. We look back upon those early ‘expeditions’ as some of the most incredible memories, unique celebrations of Fijian culture and immense connection, contribution and collaboration.

We are fulfilling a vision that was born around the kava bowl in Fiji…. It began as an inspiring conversation led by local stakeholders about a big idea.  Think Pacific’s aim was to support local and respected partner networks with the funding, planning and logistical support to achieve local ambition.  A model that focuses on international cultural experience in the form of ethical community engagement that not only acts as an initiative in itself but also crucially as a funding initiative and resource generation, which can then be redistributed by locally registered bodies.

This, we believe, is what makes us so special, this is why we are internationally renowned and praised and why our local partner list in Fiji continues to expand.

So Proud Of Our Team

We have never been more proud of the Think Pacific team.  Seeing such a talented group of superstars, learn, grow and support each other to further the aims of the Think Pacific Foundation. It is incredible and humbling to see a group of people achieve outcomes that are beyond the initial aims and ambition of Harry, Simon, Waliki and Manasa when ‘TP’ first launched.

The past decade has also allowed us to develop and refine our expertise in developing authentic cultural exchange experiences.  

We have grown from being a little known  ‘gap year organisation’  to a premier provider of international education on a global scale, being a trusted partner of ‘global mobility programmes’ for over 80 universities from the UK to Australia.  

Think Pacific was honoured to recently receive the award for Best Study Abroad and Exchange Experience Of The Year, judged by professionals in international education (2023 PIEoneer Awards).



The future of Think Pacific 🇫🇯

Our programmes and impact in Fiji today have never been stronger, more diverse, or more exciting. Think Pacific will continue without altering our values or the support for our existing partners and communities.

As our network has grown exponentially through the respected partnerships and the sound ground-work of our local team, so have our initiatives, our dialogue and our projects.

Ultimately, we realise that we may limit the further potential of what we can do, if the wider organisation focuses exclusively on one destination. However, we can recognise, celebrate and enhance what we can do if that unique model is repurposed and introduced to other destinations. This creates a unique opportunity for a wonderful evolution.

With our local partnerships, including The University of the South Pacific, Think Pacific’s future objectives include continuing to deliver our current projects in Fiji, designing and innovating new programme designs in Fiji, and expanding to deliver study tours and experiential learning programmes for students across Pacific Island nations.

The future of ‘Think Pacific’ will grow strategically from being ‘Fiji Focused’ to being ‘Pacific Island’ focused.


Think Asia / Think Indonesia  🇮🇩

Whilst we continue to build our initiatives in Fiji, we have spent the last 4 years thinking, discussing and planning for the next chapter in our story, and the time is now right for expansion. 

This is our first gentle foot forward and we are thrilled to launch programmes in Bali, Indonesia in 2024.  These programmes have been established with local community partners, who have been in dialogue with Think Pacific for a long time.

We are thrilled to be taking our conversations, site visits and detailed planning to reality with local communities, as we build a locally registered organisation in Asia and our first local staff team.

Our first initiatives in Indonesia take place in the beautiful island of Bali.  They are professional placements, where international students will collaborate with and learn from local professionals and expand their knowledge and understanding in a global context.  Through our long term model, local Indonesian organisations and Balinese youth will benefit from funding and resource generation, which will be redistributed to increase opportunity locally.

With our new local Balinese staff team, rich with skills, experience and possibilities, we are excited for the journey ahead as we work towards a sustainable future of local partnership and positive global exchange. We know our programmes ahead shall provide unique experiences for international students and positive impact at a local level.

Learn more about our projects in Bali, Indonesia

‘Think Pacific’ and ‘Think Asia’ will become part of a larger family of locally registered organisations, ‘Think Global’.


Think Global 🌏

‘Think Global’  will soon be born and across the next year you will see our organisation develop and spread new wings

Our vision is a wider organisation, Think Global, facilitating the highest standard of global exchange for students, which are underpinned by local organizations in each region, using their individual local expertise, partnerships and unique local understanding to ensure each project we deliver is achieved with wider local impact and directs the standards in culturally immersive and respectful approaches. 

Crucial to our global delivery is the local governance of delivery departments and local foundations that appreciate, focus on and respond to the nuances of the aims and objectives of that locality.  Our local ‘Think..Regional Organisations’ including ‘Think Pacific’ will act as a vessel for resource distribution to boost the capacity of existing initiatives and exceptional local partner organisations.  Whilst ‘Think Global’ shall coordinate the international student engagement and educational partnership planning, maintaining global projects with exceptional standards of support, safety and personal guidance for students. 

Our strategic move allows us to strengthen what already exists in Fiji, whilst boosting our opportunity for sustainable growth and stability… and igniting the potential for collaborative contribution in locations around the world.

Local requests differ, local goals differ and cultures differ, therefore how we deliver must be unique in each destination. Our programmes and projects will likely be very different in every location we operate… and it would be wrong for them not to be. 

It also means that our model of “global impact, with a local approach” has never been more true.


Our Beliefs..

We believe more than ever, that global experiences have the potential to transform perspectives and challenge what students think, all whilst having the most enriching travel experience of their lives.  Responsible global exchange broadens horizons and provides opportunity for personal growth as well as critical thinking and reflection. We allow participants to get under the skin of a country using our vibrant network of partners.

We are not the expert of each destination, but we know who is: exciting and inspiring local individuals and organizations, which we delight in collaborating with. We are, however, the expert in facilitating life-changing, authentic and real experiences for students across the globe and this will never change.  

Today we expand towards a long term vision, to be the most trusted global provider of ethical, responsible and sustainable cultural exchange, whilst creating locally directed opportunity and impact across the world

We invite you to join us on our journey and vision as we Think Global. 

For all students ahead with the desire to participate, we can’t wait to see you soon.

Simon, Harry, Tom, Nigel & The TP team.



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