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Explore, discover and experience the natural, hidden beauty in the heart of the South Pacific.
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Fiji offers plenty of opportunities for those seeking adventure…from the islands to the highlands, from trekking rainforests to fishing, from building bamboo rafts to underground ovens, there’s plenty to keep you busy. For many, the highlight of this adventure is that there are No tourists, No built-up cities. Just a team of volunteers, exploring side by side with their Fijian hosts. Its impossible not to return home with incredible memories when exploring Fiji in this way!

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If you’re looking for a real, authentic experience, then Fiji is waiting to be explored.
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You’ll explore the most rural communities in Fiji and experience stunning scenery at every turn of your journey.

Travel and live in some of Fiji’s hidden paradises and gain an unfiltered look into Fijian culture.


Immerse yourself into village life as you step off the beaten track into areas that are yet to be explored.


Experience the daily adventure of day to day life in a culture that is completely unique to anywhere else in the world.

Meaningful Adventure!

With Think Pacific, you have a chance to experience Fiji which is far from the tourist trail. Our projects are based in rural areas that few tourists are ever lucky enough to visit and you will often be the first team to have ever stayed in the community. Our projects are delivered on the back of an invitation from the chiefs, elders and community members and are designed be-spoke for each particular village . Whether your passion is for the ocean, the rainforest or experiencing daily adventure in a completely unique culture, the South Pacific will surpass all your expectations!

Does exploring untouched areas of Fiji sound like the perfect Adventure for you?