Youth Development In Rural Fiji

Work Alongside Young Fijian's To Make a Long Term Difference
New Friends, Challenges and Experiences

Throughout our expedition, you’ll work with young Fijian adults, of similar age to yourself, and collaborate on a range of inspiring projects.  The friendships and bonds formed from volunteering with young people from your Fijian village and nearby ‘youth groups’ create some of your most incredible and lasting memories. You’ll work on a range of basic but hugely important initiatives together as you support increased confidence, skills and knowledge of Fijians. In return, you’ll be taught about Fijian culture, customs and gain a unique global perspective.

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Why Is Our Project So Important?
Supporting Young Fijians To Learn Skills For Their Future

Many young Fijians grow up with little contact with the world outside of their Fijian village and limited access to education, information and opportunity.  Throughout the project, we aim to connect you with young people from Fiji so you can collaborate together and learn from each other. Our aim is to help young Fijian’s become long term ambassadors, so they can continue the children’s activities, sports coaching, health and community projects long term as future leaders within their communities or beyond.


Gain first hand understanding of what life is truly like growing up in a remote Fijian village. Share your experiences, differences and similarities. Discover more about the culture, customs and island skills and appreciate the barriers faced by young people in Fiji.


Volunteer together on a range of fun and inspiring projects!  Led by our expedition leaders you’ll throw yourself into lots of group activities. From planning coaching sessions together and leading a range of afternoon activities and games for Fijian children to planning community health days, adventure days and discussing future aspiration.


Through the daily projects and group activities, help Fijian’s build confidence, self-esteem and personal development.  You might encourage a Fijian youth to plan and lead sports sessions, write a presentation for their community or assist with CV writing and brainstorming career and business ideas.

How Could You Make A Difference?
To Fiji's Youth Development

You can volunteer with Fiji’s youth on a wide range of activities.  Each day we’ll have a different objective, guided by our leaders.  All projects help to improve the ‘soft skills’ of Fijian adults, unleash new passions and champion the achievements of young Fijians.  In return you’ll learn a lot about yourself! Volunteering on our project is 90% to do with having a positive attitude, rather than specific skills. Everyone brings different passions and interests. We need students who want to embrace a new culture, be great role models and have the desire to throw themselves in.

Sports Development

Work with Fijian youths to plan and lead fun coaching sessions for village children and community members to advocate sports for health and well-being. Inspire young Fijians to see the benefit of sports and develop their own training, games and structured grass roots sports teams.

Life Skills and Enterprise

Empower Fijians by introducing topics such as time management, money management, communication or interview practice.  Also promote CV writing, job opportunities and basic ‘business’ concepts. We help inspire Fijians to think about careers or creating village micro-enterprises that could provide future opportunity.

Lead Children's Clubs

Empower Fijian youth to lead a range of fun and engagement activities for Fijian children, seeing the benefit of art, drama, music and clubs and becoming the role model for their younger siblings. Our aim is for Fijian youth to continue to run and grow activity clubs for village kids long term.

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventure and culture style days are a fun, dynamic and enriching focus once a week. Led by our leaders,  You , your volunteer team and the youth group will trek to a scenic spot to carry out team challenges, games and tasks aimed at developing the ‘soft skills’ of Fijian youths.

Public Health

Working in groups, you’ll promote healthy habits within rural communities including nutrition, diet, smoking, drugs and NCD awareness, passing information from the Fijian Ministry of Health. We also help gather data, conduct BMI tests or survey village water and sanitation.

Mental Health

Collaborate and discuss concepts of mental well-being, led by our staff. Help to spread awareness with young people around stigma and misinformation in rural areas and open up the first conversations about positive mental health through simple activities.

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Long Term Impact

The long term aim of our project is to empower young Fijians.  We help to build confidence, knowledge and self-esteem, enable unemployed youth to run programmes in their communities and learn new skills vital for their future. Beyond the project, Think Pacific provide year-round training, work based placements, job opportunities and courses to enable Fijian adults to acquire the experience and further development to have access to opportunities and become the leaders of their villages.

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