Youth and Sports Outreach in Tailevu

Tuesday 9th – Friday 12th April 2019 saw our Youth and Sports Officers, Danny and Katie, head to Tailevu for a Sports Outreach initiative alongside school prep visits.

These school prep visits ensure all the teachers, pupils and schools we partner with on our expeditions are well-prepared for the upcoming projects. This helps us deliver on our aims and truly make the impact we want to.

For this visit, we were joined by officers from our local partners, the Ministry of Education & Ministry of Sports.

It was a great 4 days engaging children through our sports programs and activities. Working alongside our NGO partners, we delivered NRL and athletic practical activities during their timetabled sports coaching sessions.

The visit also included working with the teachers across all four primary schools, who were very active throughout our sports sessions. This has helped prep the schools and communities for the exciting projects ahead!

The key aims of the visit were to discuss our initiatives across our youth & sports programs in school, kindi, extra curricular and sports coaching with the Primary Teachers and Head Teachers.

This helped gain a taste of project life with volunteers before project begins, helping support and answer any questions our hosts may have.

The key activities during this prep visit were to facilitate discussions around the volunteers’ role in school, detailing project elements and how building a partnership between Head Teachers, Teachers and Think Pacific is our key goal in implementing and achieving our project aims and initiatives.

We also delivered 2 sports sessions (1 for younger primary, 1 for older primary), to help get them ready and in the project mindset.

Empowering the Head Teachers to feel ready and knowledgeable about how and where volunteers will be best placed to assist teachers in their class with slow learners across English, reading and Maths, Extra Curricular and Sports Coaching was also a key outcome of the visit.


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