6 Ways to Make a Positive Change this Year

Published 11/03/2020

Whether it’s the global news and media, or an intrinsic motivation that empowers you to make a positive difference to the world in which we live, the saying, ‘there’s no time like the present’ has never been more fitting! 🙏 🌍

So, whether you’re looking to take some small-steps or raring to dive into a new experience and take on a personal challenge to have a positive impact on our incredible planet and those who live on it, we’re here with our top ways to inspire you to start making a difference today.

Shop Ethical

As a consumer, shopping ethically involves buying products which were both ethically produced and are not harmful to our environment and society. If you’re on the look-out for new clothes, for example, consider whether you really need to make the purchase and if you do, research how to buy wisely in the fashion industry.

Currently the industry is tarnished by unsustainability and poor ethics; from the growing of cotton, use of dyes to the exploitation of labourers in the factories. Whilst there are a whole host of big names that prioritise profit, many businesses will pride themselves on prioritising the ethics from start to finish in the supply chain.

Invest a little time into researching the ethics of a company before you buy and in supporting the right kind of companies you can help change our world.

Limit your Waste

The convenience and low-costs of buying our everyday items from a local supermarket can often be the devil in disguise when it comes to our planet. The impact of plastic on our oceans and natural environments is one of the biggest challenges we face as a global society.

The Guardian also recently (January, 2020) published an article estimating 4.5 million tonnes of food waste stems from individual households each year. The good news is, this was a fall of on average 7% per person over the last three years, however there is so much more that can be done. On an individual scale try some of these top tips to reduce your food waste; shop little and often; buy local food to shorten the food chain producing less waste before it even reaches your kitchen; create your own compost; plan your meals ahead of the food shop; you can even utilise tech with apps that have been created to share surplus foods and uneaten meals at reduced rates or even where to recycle kitchen-scraps!


A quick way to make a positive difference would be to consider donating to a good cause. This doesn’t always need to be monetary donations either.

Consider donating unwanted food to your local foodbank or have a clear-out and donate items such as toys and clothes to your local charity store. If you’re interested in sending your donations further afield, look into charities sponsoring refugee camps. Many will have information on what is most useful, such as warm clothes and tinned food.

Offset your Carbon Footprint

Reducing our carbon footprints is something we should all be mindful of.

If you’re on the look-out for a new car, do your research into the new breed of zero-emissions; take public transport or walk whenever possible; swap cling-film for beeswax wraps to reduce your use of single-use plastic; make your own compost; cut back on meat and dairy products by giving ‘veganuary’ a go or at least swapping meat for a veggie alternative a few times a week.

By simply being mindful of our carbon footprints and trying to make swaps in daily life for more environmentally friendly options, we can all start to make big impacts through little steps.

Raise Money and Awareness

One of the amazing things to stem from the boom in social media is how it can be utilised to raise money and awareness for good causes. You can reach so many people with the click of just a few buttons; whether it’s to sell t-shirts for charity, gain sponsorship for a challenge, funds for a volunteering trip or to encourage friends to make donations.

If you have a specific charity in mind, try researching their website – many will offer free resources to help set up fund-raising activities such as bake sales, coffee mornings and raffles .

By raising money, not only are you providing vital funds for a great cause but also raising awareness in the process and inspiring others to do the same.


We’ve discussed many of the ways you can action small changes to help make a positive difference, but if time is on your side you can get stuck into much larger projects that can have a greater impact through volunteering. There’s a whole host of incredible opportunities for you on both a local or global level.

In the UK, a quick google search of ‘beach clean-ups’ will give you something to get the ball rolling. On a larger scale, consider volunteering abroad. Discover a new culture, different ways of living, the impact of climate change or mental health issues on different communities or the role of sport for empowering our youth. With a greater knowledge and awareness of global communities comes the power to help make positive changes.

If volunteering abroad and learning more about the ways in which we can make a positive difference to our planet, then a project at Think Pacific to the remote islands of Fiji may be the perfect opportunity for you. We believe that there is so much to discover and learn about our planet and through our experiences with different cultures and communities we can grow in our knowledge and learn how to make the world a happier, healthier and more sustainable place.

Get in touch with our friendly team at Think Pacific to find out more about volunteering, placements and internships in Fiji.

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