TP Mission, Vision & Values

Who Are We?
Global Impact, with a Local Approach - Since 2009

Think Pacific is a social enterprise. We deliver the highest level of international projects, which are deeply rooted in the destinations we work and directly support the aims of our local partners through thoughtful international participation. This serves both as an impactful initiative in itself but also as a funding initiative, driving income into local communities.

We were born out of local ideas and ambition within Fiji in the early 2000’s.  Our visionaries included The National Health Advisor for Fiji, Mr. Manasa Seniyasi who was a founding member and Trustee of Think Pacific Foundation, Chiefs of Fiji’s Lomaiviti Province, including Ratu Komai and Ratu Jolame and Mr Waliki Satakala, former Provincial Officer facilitating the Towards a Healthy Fiji Islands Initiative and former Trustee of Think Pacific foundation.

After 15 years of delivering awarding winning programmes and applying our values and principles in Fiji, we recently expanded our reach and our unique delivery model to Bali, Indonesia. Our aim is to continue to be a small and personable organisation that works in direct partnership with government ministries, industry leaders and NGOs across the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Vision
Seeing inspired young leaders positively impacting local and global challenges.
Our Mission
Creating positive cultural exchange, which invests in Indonesia and Fiji’s future
Our Core Beliefs
We use these beliefs to define our identity:
1. Partnerships

Collaborations at all levels of planning, preparation and implementation.

2. Learning

Emphasis on learning and understanding, before contributing.

3. Local Design

Local investment, local direction and local empowerment.  Global exchange, with a local approach.

The TP Values - Which Guide Our Approach
  1. Passion; Drive the success of TP’s vision, mission and development.
  2. Mindset; Always be a positive role model by seeking solutions and outcomes.
  3. Resilience; Achieve goals and motivate others, despite new and challenging environments.
  4. Humility; Be humble, respectful and mindful in all that we do.
  5. Accountability; Always take responsibility for our energy, impact and standards.
  6. Collaboration; Value working together. Always champion & support others.
  7. Aspiration; Always aspiring to improve, become better and achieve more.
Our Story
From Small Beginnings to Global Partnerships
Our Future of Think Pacific...
We Are Growing 🌴

Since 2009 Fiji has been Think Pacific’s home and passion and it has been our privilege to guide over eight thousand young people to Fiji.  This time has seen extraordinary experiences and learning unfold for students, whilst supporting locally directly aims and  impact.   In the process we have been proud to achieve over 500 community projects for rural communities, facilitate the aims of over 200 Pacific organizations and invest over $15 million dollars into the local economy in Fiji.

The past decade has also allowed us to develop and refine our expertise in developing authentic cultural exchange experiences for over 80 global educational institutions and being honored to receive the award for best study abroad and global exchange programme by professionals in international education (2023 PIEoneer Awards).

We are only at the beginning of a vision that was born around the kava bowl in Fiji…. It began as an inspiring conversation led by local stakeholders about a big vision.  Think Pacific’s aim was to support local and respected partner networks with the funding, planning and logistical support to achieve local ambition.  Our programmes and impact in Fiji today have never been stronger,  more diverse, or more exciting and will continue to grow locally. 

In Fiji, our unique model and ‘Think Pacific’ will continue and without altering our values or ethos or the support for our existing partners and communities. As our network has grown exponentially through the respected partnerships and the sound ground-work of our local team, so have our initiatives, our dialogue and our potential. With our local partnerships, including The University of the South Pacific, Think Pacific’s future objectives include continuing to deliver our current projects, designing and innovating new programme design models, and expanding to deliver study tours and experiential learning programmes for students across Pacific Island nations. We are excited for the opportunity to combine our skills and expertise in international educational delivery with the local expertise of Pacific based partners.  The future of ‘Think Pacific’ will grow strategically from being ‘Fiji Focused’ to being ‘Pacific Island’ focused.

Ultimately, through all our prior achievements, we realize that we may limit what we can do if the wider organization focuses exclusively on one destination. However, we can recognise, celebrate and enhance what we can do if that unique model is repurposed and introduced to other destinations. This creates a unique opportunity for a wonderful evolution.

Think Indonesia Begins in 2024! 🇮🇩

Whilst we continue to build our initiatives in Fiji, we have spent the last 4 years planning for the next chapter in our story, and the time is now right for expansion. ‘Think Indonesia’ is our first gentle foot forward and we are thrilled to launch programmes in Indonesia in 2024.  These programmes have been established through local partner organizations, who have been in dialogue with Think Pacific for several years.  We are now brimming with excitement to be taking our conversations, site visits and detailed planning to reality with our local partners, as we build a locally registered organization in Asia. With our new local Balinese staff team, rich with experience and possibilities, we are excited for the journey ahead as we work towards a sustainable future of local partnership and positive global exchange. We know our programmes ahead shall provide unique experiences for international students and strategically directed funding, opportunity and impact for local Indonesian organisations.

The Vision is to...
Think Global 🌴

Soon you will see our organization develop and spread new wings. Our long term vision is a family of locally registered organizations across the globe. A truly international organisation facilitating the highest standard of global exchange for students, which are underpinned by local organizations in each region, using their individual local expertise, partnerships and unique local understanding to ensure each project we deliver is achieved with wider local impact and directs the standards in culturally immersive and respectful approaches. Crucial to our global delivery is that each regional organisation will act as a vessel for resource distribution to boost the capacity of existing initiatives and exceptional local partner organizations.  

Our strategic move allows us to strengthen what already exists in Fiji, whilst boosting our opportunity for sustainable growth and stability… and igniting the potential for collaborative contribution in locations around the world. Local requests differ, local goals differ and cultures differ, therefore how we deliver must be unique in each destination. Our programmes and projects will likely be very different in every location we operate… and it would be wrong for them not to be.  It also means that our model of “global impact, with a local approach” has never been more true.

We believe more than ever, that global experiences have the potential to transform perspectives and challenge what students think, all whilst having the most enriching travel experience of their lives.  Responsible global exchange broadens horizons and provides opportunity for personal growth as well as critical thinking and reflection. We allow participants to get under the skin of a country using our vibrant network of partners.

We are not the expert of each destination, but we know who is: exciting and inspiring local individuals and organizations, which we delight in collaborating with. We are, however, the expert in facilitating life-changing, authentic and real experiences for students across the globe and this will never change.  

We are evolving towards a long term vision, to be the most trusted global provider of ethical, responsible and sustainable cultural exchange for educational institutions and young people, whilst creating locally directed opportunity and impact across the world. We invite you to join us on our journey and vision. And for all students ahead with the desire to participate, we can’t wait to see you soon.

Thinking of Joining a Project?

If you join, be prepared for challenge, a tremendous learning experience, honest reflection and immense cultural exchange. Our projects are tough but the rewards will stay with you. Throw yourself into  the aims, learn from traditional communities and come with a positive mindset. You will return a more educated person, with unique stories, new friendships and new perspectives.

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