Remote Fiji Internships - Scholarship Program

150x Scholarship Places Available
Expand your professional experience and contribute to global challenges 🌎 🇫🇯

Global Understanding + International Experience + Real Social Impact =  Extraordinary Remote Placements

Tackle international development issues and achieve real outcomes for our partners in Fiji, whist developing your skills, experience and boosting your employability.

Support Fijian government ministries, businesses or charities, to implement the Fiji National Development Plan and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

What is a Remote Internship? Remote internships are internships that are completed online or remotely from your home. All you need is a computer, phone and internet connection. We’ll connect you with real life projects supporting communities in the Fiji islands. As well as providing insightful mentoring, coaching and support to help you contribute to global issues.

Program At a Glance...
  • Unique work experience for Fijian Ministries, NGO’s, social enterprises or local charities.
  • Contribute to the Fiji National Development Plan and UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Choose from 10 career fields & support local impact in Fiji.
  • Complete our Sustainable Development, Fijian Culture & Global Leadership learning modules.
  • Connect with socially conscious students & professionals.
  • Gain unique global references for CV, Linkedin & job applications.
  • Learn from business leaders, government advisors & Fijian academics.
  • 4, 8 or 12-week programs to suit your flexibility.
  • Program fees: Fully Funded as part of the Scholarship Program (program worth £495/$900 AUD/$660 USD/ $825 CAD)
  • Scholarship Applications are now OPEN
  • Applications close – Sunday 25th May 2024
Apply Here - Before the 25th May 2024
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The Key Components...
Of Our Unique Internship Experience
Global Learning
Project-Based Work
Live Workshops
Why Intern Remotely?
The 8 Reasons to Join our Remote Internship Program
Global Experience
Gain unique international work experience.
Real Projects
Create work that tackles real problems for a Fijian organisation.
Cultural IQ
Increase your cultural fluency, vital in today's diverse workplace.
Exclusive Partners
Work on behalf of exclusive program partners in Fiji including NGO, Business & Government.
Personal Mentoring
Gain feedback, coaching and support from our expert team in the Fiji Islands
Make in impact to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Fiji National Development Plan
Develop new workplace skills.
Global Citizenship
Build your global network.
Achieve certificate of completion and professional references
What's Included in our Remote Internship?

Click below to learn more…

Global Skills Programme

Complete our Global Skills Programme, which means completing our learning modules:

  • Cultural IQ: Learn about the fascinating Fijian culture.
  • Sustainable Development: Learn about Fiji’s National Development Plan and how they contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Global Leadership: Complete our modules in partnership with ‘Leadership Fiji’, a programme designed to prepare emerging leaders to cope with the demands of an ever-changing world.

Sector Specific Modules

After completing the Global Skills Programme, you can access content that is specific to your internship fields. Learn about the challenges and the opportunities within that sector, and the specific areas of development highlighted by government, within the Fiji National Development Plan.

Personal Mentors

You will be assigned a Think Pacific mentor to guide you every step of the way. Our experts mentors will arrange a minimum or three coaching sessions to ensure you are always on track. These focus on; goal setting, deciding your action project and feedback for your work.

Cultural Mentors

You will have the opportunity to join group cultural mentor sessions

What is an Action Project?

Action projects are submitted to Think Pacific by our partners, their purpose is to add value and help organisations solve problems. The bigger picture goal is to help Fiji transform its future through the implementation of the Fiji National Development Plan and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

You will complete an action project for your chosen Fijian organisation, alongside mentoring and coaching.

The Think Pacific team in Fiji and the UK host daily live sessions to support your action project creation, your learning and your global internship experience. Sessions include: Group Briefings, Culture Cafe’s, Q&A Sessions, Virtual Campfires, Virtual Offices & Skills Series, plus more.

Access Think Pacific’s weekly live events with alumni, academics, experts, government officials and business leaders in the South Pacific, exploring a range of topics that will expand your global perspectives.

Gain access to our network of global interns and professionals to expand your connections, make new relationships and increase your global citizenship.

Gain access to our network of global interns and professionals to expand your connections, make new relationships and increase your global citizenship.

Receive endorsement for your work via LinkedIn, job references and completion certificate from Think Pacific and your partner organisation.
How Does it Work?
The 5 'D' Internship Journey...

We have curated our remote internship to align with our attitudes towards ethical sustainable development, which means our interns must first adopt a learning mindset. Here’s the journey each intern takes:

  1. Discovery – after setting goals, you learn about Fiji, the Fiji National Development Plan and key self-leadership skills required. 
  2. Discussion – engage in discussion with your peers, mentors and experts to deepen your understanding.
  3. Decide – decide which action project you will complete for one of our partners.
  4. Design – create your project, which might mean designing reports, powerpoints, research or online campaigns.
  5. Deliver – present your project to your attached partner organisation.
Choose Your Internship...

Find the perfect program to supplement your studies

Business & Enterprise

Ideal for Business students who want to contribute to real-life enterprises on an international scale. On this internship, you will learn from founders and entrepreneurs as they share their knowledge and you will tackle problems that support our partners to achieve their strategic gaols. Projects range from business strategy, to market research to product development.

Global Health

Ideal for Health or Medical students who want to gain experience. On this internship, you will help Fiji’s rural communities tackle some major public health issues that exist across the whole of the South Pacific. For example, create a Non-Communicable Disease campaign that promotes awareness of how to prevent diabetes and heart disease through healthy lifestyle choices and submit your project to the Ministry of Health. Prevention is easier than cure!

Global Psychology

Ideal for those Psychology students or those interested in mental health. On this internship, you will support the Fijian Ministry of Health and grass roots NGO’s in Fiji to break stigma about mental health in rural communities and promote positive messages in Fiji. For example, create an online campaign or physical resources that can be used to promote awareness on behalf of one of our partners, Youth Champs For Mental Health.

International Development

Ideal for those studying international development, geography or interested in sustainable development. On this internship, you will support the Ministry of Youth to promote community development programs that aid the achievement of global and national goals, taken from the UN’s Sustainable Goals & the Fiji National Development Plan. For example, create a campaign that promotes Women’s Empowerment in rural Fijian villages.

Global Education

Ideal for future teachers studying primary, secondary teaching or early years education. On this internship, you will support the learning and holistic development of children studying at remote schools or kindergartens in Fiji. For example, you will be tasked with creating fun, engaging and exciting Maths & English lessons plans, unit frames and resources that will be submitted to the Ministry of Education, accessible by Headteachers across Fiji.

Environment & Conservation

Ideal for those studying science, geography or just interested in conservation. On this internship, you can help to tackle the global warming crisis and other environmental challenges specific to Fiji. Some examples of action projects are; designing a conservation project of your own from carbon offsetting to coral farming or support conservation education for children by creating engaging awareness resources for remote schools in Fiji.


Ideal for those looking to tackle Fiji’s challenges and come up with innovative designs and solutions for how rural areas can meet their basic needs. From designing prototypes for sustainable housing, through to creating models for how vulnerable villages can be relocated, there is plenty to learn and get involved with. This internship gives a fantastic insight into engineering as a career field and provides a great opportunity to be able to develop, showcase and implement skills and talents.


Ideal for those interested in digital marketing and strategy. On this internship, you will support NGO’s, government ministries and sporting organisations to spread their message and maximise their potential within the digital world. For example, create an exciting and engaging social media campaign strategy that supports our partners the ‘Little One’s Mobile Kindergarten’ to increase their following and increase engagement.

Sport Development

Ideal for those interested in sports coaching, development or management. On this internship, you can either support the Fiji National Sports Commission to design community sports camps for children in the summer holidays or support a chosen national sporting organisation such as Netball Fiji or Fiji Rugby by creating fun and engaging sports coaching unit frames they can share with community coaches.

NGO Management

Ideal for those interested in non-for profit (NGO) management. On this internship, you can gain in depth knowledge of monitoring the effectiveness of charitable initiatives, creating new projects, researching grants, increasing donors or creating fundraising resources to submit to a Fijian NGO board of trustees. Create an impact report or expand programmes for Think Pacific Foundation or for one of our Fijian NGO partners.

What Are the Time Commitments?

  • 4-Weeks – Recommended 22-25 hours per week.
  • 8-Weeks – Recommended 10-12 hours per week.
  • 12-Weeks – Recommended 6-8 hours per week.

What is the Application Process?

  1. Apply online
  2. Successful Candidates will be informed by the 5th June
  3.  Start the program on your chosen start date (dependent on availability)
Student Testimonials...
Hear interns talk about their experience
Lauren Smewing - University of Cambridge
Siobhan - University of Southampton
Emnete Abraham - Howard University, USA

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See Some Our Program Partners...
From Fijian Government Ministries to Influential NGO's


NGO’s / Charity
National Sporting Orgs.
Ministry of Health Loving Islands United Nations Development Programme FRU
Ministry of Youth & Sports Juice Fiji Nature Fiji NRL fiji
Ministry of Education Duavata Sustainable Tourism Collective Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre Handball Fiji
Fiji National Sports Commission Namosi Eco Retreat Youth Champs 4 Mental Healt Netball Fiji
Fiji Council of Social Services Waitika Farm Precious Plastics – Fiji Athletics Fiji
The Fusion HUB EcoBricks Fiji Paralympic Association
Rako Pasefika Uto ni Yalo Trust The Fiji Rugby Academy
Cautata Village Bakery Lifeline Fiji Fiji Amateur Boxing
Marama Alliance UK Fiji Alliance for Mental Health
South Pacific Society of Lifestyle Medicine Femlink Pacific
Boxfit HQ Solar Fiji
Trendy Fashions Graduate Women Fiji
Partner Testimonials...
Temesia - Little Ones Kindy
Jean - Waitika Farm
Casey - Animals Fiji
Your Contribution to Fiji

Think Pacific is a social enterprise and a ‘For Impact’ organisation. 

Your program fee supports our charity and long term programs in Fiji, which contribute to the achievement of the Fiji National Development Plan and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This includes supporting local empowerment and job creation for Fijian people, expanding skills, experience and global understanding of Fijian students and contributing to improved public health, mental health, community development and enterprise creation in Fiji.  We believe that the most effective and sustainable outcomes can only be achieved by investing in the skills, knowledge and personal ambition of local people. 

Program Dates 2024 👇💻🇫🇯

Monday 10th June
Monday 24th June
Monday 8th July
Monday 22nd July
Monday 12th August
Monday 2nd Sept
Monday 7th October
Monday 28th October
Monday 11th November
Monday 2nd December

Program Dates 2025 👇💻🇫🇯

Monday 13th January
Monday 3rd February
Monday 24th February
Monday 10th March
Monday 31st March
Monday 14th April
Monday 5th May
Monday 26th May
Monday 15th June
Monday 7th July
Monday 28th July
Monday 11th August
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Frequently Asked Questions...