Creating New Global Partnerships – US Students Working Towards Sustainable Development in Fiji

Expanding our Global Network…

We are incredibly excited that through our Virtual Internship program we have been able to work with passionate individuals from all over the world. We’ve connected interns from every continent with each other and with organisations in Fiji to support their development 🌏

As well as expanding our vuvale (family) we’ve also been extending our partnerships with organisations in Fiji and with universities around the world. Through networking and partner referrals we’ve partnered with over 80 Fijian organisations for our remote internship. From grassroot NGOs through to Government Ministries – we are so grateful to be working with such a diverse range of partners across a huge range of industries.

Through our volunteering and remote opportunities we’ve partnered with over 70 UK universities, and now that global mobility is stronger than ever, we are thrilled to be making exciting new partnerships with universities around the world.

Working with US students

Through our virtual internship we’ve had students from a variety of  universities in the USA including Harvard, Penn State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison plus many more! 

Through the program our interns gain:
  • A career specific work placement.
  • Up to 100 hours of learning, mentoring and work experience.
  • Contribution towards sustainable development.
  • Increased Cultural IQ & experience working cross-culturally.
  • Global connections with university students and professionals.
  • Develop digital skills that are vital to the new virtual workplace.
  • Increased employability.
  • Potential employment opportunities.
  • LinkedIn reference and attribute endorsements.
  • Certificate of completion from Think Pacific & Partner Organisations.


What skills have our interns gained? Don’t ask us, hear from them…

“I chose an internship with Think Pacific because the placements are really flexible around a busy academic schedule and they allow us to connect with other interns across the world. During my remote internship I worked for Coral Coast Conservation CenterDesigning a Digital Logo and Suggest Branding Ideas for Coral Coast Conservation Centre’. The action project allowed me to build on this organizations brand image and create ways to help increase donations. The highlight of my internship was talking to other students and connecting with them on a personal level! I have gained cultural knowledge of Fiji, friends from all over the world and knowledge of marketing skills that will help me in the future.”

– Shilpa Sharma, San Jose State University


Emnete Abraham – Howard University

To hear more about the projects students can get involved with and how they’ve developed both personally and professionally, then why not check out our global testimonials.

Check out some examples of interns projects below…


Shilpa Sharma - San Jose State University

Project: Designing a Digital Logo and Suggest Branding Ideas for Coral Coast Conservation Centre

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Amanda Viser - Butler University
Diabetes Fiji
Chloe Majzel - Michigan State University
Duavata Sustainable Tourism Collective

How do our interns contribute to Fiji’s National Development Plan?

Through their action projects (examples above) our interns support Fijian government ministries, businesses or charities to achieve tangible outcomes, create new connections and contribute towards the Fiji National Development Plan and UN Sustainable Development Goals. Want to learn more? Check out the video below! 

Global Understanding + Charity Sector Experience + Real Social Impact =  Extraordinary Virtual Placements

It’s not just our interns benefiting…

Here’s what some of our Fijian partners have to say about our interns projects. Hearing such incredible feedback from our internship partners really validates the positive contributions our interns can have supporting their partner organisations in Fiji 🙏


Ministry of Economy (Climate Change & International Cooperation Division)

“The output from the interns is phenomenal! I am doing the feedback forms now. The quality of work produced in such a short notice, with the level of research, accuracy and awareness is brilliant. We are very thankful to this partnership and the work and will continue to partner up on future projects.” 

Psychiatric Survivors Association

“I would like to extend my appreciation to your organisation for allowing us to be part of such an amazing initiative. This kind of success and dedication can only be achieved with love and a true sense of belonging to the global family to serve the same ultimate goal. Together we are creating change, through positivity and cooperation. In this way impossible becomes possible!”

The South Pacific Society of Lifestyle Medicine

“Many thanks for sending these completed documents through! It’s awesome to see the hard work and thought that has been put into working on these projects by the interns. Your assistance has been gratefully appreciated!” 

Temesia – Mobile Kindy Feedback

If you would like discuss a partnership with Think Pacific then please contact us at to organise a meeting.

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