The Fiji Experience – Why Fiji Needs to Be on Your Bucket List

Published 13/09/2017

No Bucket List is Complete Without a Trip to Fiji

Fiji should be one of the first words on anyone’s bucket list.

It’s a country that offers backpackers and travellers once in a lifetime experiences. It’s a country that we fell in love with a long time ago and have subsequently been organising volunteer programs in Fiji ever since.

But what makes Fiji so special? And why should you experience Fiji on your bucket list?

The People

It has almost become a catchphrase here at Think Pacific, but the people of Fiji are what make the country so special. Having the chance to get to know these local communities who live in remote parts of the country (including very tiny islandsΒ dotted in the South Pacific), will be the highlight of anyone’s gap year or bucket list.

Fijians welcome you into their home and communities as if you were their child. They care and look after you and integrate you into the tightly knit community. Here, you can experience a way of life that is so refreshing and enjoyable.


The Culture

Fiji has a rich culture.

It is a country that loves to share and showcase their heritage and traditional customs. Everything from fire dancing, to grog ceremonies, to the cibi (rugby war dance), it’s a country that is packed full of amazing traditions.

Our volunteers are often lucky enough to get dressed up in traditional attire and join in a lot of these customs, which is something that makes for quite the story when you return from your travels!

The Adventure

Fiji offers plenty of opportunities for those seeking adventure. From diving and snorkelling around some of the most amazing coral reefs in the world, to trekking volcanoes, to skydiving, there’s plenty to keep you busy.

One of the most common highlights our volunteers say is when the team goes off and explores the local area. No tourists. No built up cities. Just a team of volunteers, exploring side by side with their Fijian hosts. Experiencing Fiji in this way is bound to give you amazing memories.

The Wildlife

Fiji is packed with wildlife. As a country that is mainly made up of islands, most of this wildlife is under the sea. So for those who enjoy snorkelling and diving, Fiji is perfect.

Turtles, dolphins, whales, sharks, rays, tropical fish, you’ll find it all.


From beautiful beaches and coastlines, to rugged interiors and highlands, Fiji’s natural environment is stunning.

Tick Fiji Off Your Bucket List with Think Pacific

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