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Intern In Fiji 🇫🇯 Bali 🇮🇩 or Remotely 💻
Supported by Mignone Center for Career Success, Harvard University

Think Pacific is a social enterprise that delivers the highest level of international projects. These are deeply rooted in the destinations in which we work, and directly support the aims of our local partners through thoughtful international participation, whilst allowing students to have self-developing and rewarding experiences.

Funding is available from the Harvard Office of Careers, Summer Funding team, for students to join either a hybrid program, that combines completing an Remote Internship with a 1 month, ‘in-country’ experience, in either Fiji or Bali, a 2-month Team Internship in the Fiji Islands, or a Remote Internship, which you can complete from home.

Whether you are looking to enhance your employability or embark on a meaningful journey – a Think Pacific internship means you have the opportunity to experience unique cultures, customs and ways of life, through living in, and engaging with, traditional communities  – whilst gaining global experience, developing unique skills and make a real contribution.

At a Glance...
  • Award-winning volunteering and internships, since 2009.
  • Harvard University summer funding available.
  • Apply for up to $6,400 per student to cover your project fees and flight costs.
  • 6-Weeks hybrid internships. In either Fiji or Bali (2 weeks remote, 4 weeks in-country)
  • 8-weeks internships on Kadavu Island, in the Fiji Islands.
  • 8-weeks fully-remote internships available (with stipend)
  • Boost your employability, enhance your global perspectives, meet like-minded people and make a contribution.
  • Immerse yourself into a new culture and live in a traditional village.
  • Work on Youth, Build, Sport, Mental Health, Public Health or Global Team Internship initiatives.
  • Fiji and Bali internships include: food, accommodation, 24/7 in-country support, weekend adventures, domestic travel, charity donation.
Apply Here - Before 21st January 2024

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Harvard University, Online Session, Tues 9th Jan, 3pm – 4pm (EST), (Register Here)

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Harvard Summer Funding Information

Students interested in participating in Think Pacific for summer 2024 can apply for funding from the Harvard University Mignone Center for Career Success.

How Much is Awarded, and What is not Included? 

  • In-Person Internships (Including hybrid): OCS awards for in-person internships include the cost of the program fee and a travel stipend (approx. $6,400 total). 
  • Remote Internships: OCS awards for remote internships are $4,000. (This includes a stipend to support you whilst working on the programme)

Application Process

  1. Apply online via Think Pacific website, before 21st January 2024.
  2. Arrange a Zoom interview with the Think Pacific team.
  3. Apply online for Harvard OSC summer funding before 1st February 2024.
  4. Funding application status update from the OCS Summer Funding Team, early March.
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Hear From Harvard Students...
Choose Your Internship?
Hybrid Internship - Fiji Islands 🇫🇯
(4 Weeks in Fiji + 2 Weeks Remote)

Become a member of a Fijian family, within a rural community, and work as part of a team whilst contributing to sustainable development initiatives that support the achievement of the Fiji National Development Plan.

Our projects in Fiji are truly unique. They take place in rural communities which are a world away from the usual crowds and the average volunteer projects. The villages in Fiji are only accessible upon invitation by the chief only, which means you can sample a way of life that few people will ever be fortunate enough to see.

Complete a 2 week Remote Internship before or after (you decide) completing a 4 week in country project, on either a Youth Empowerment, Mental Health, Community Build, or Sports development initiative, alongside Fijian Youth, that is in line with the implementation of Fiji’s national development plan. Throughout this time, you will have the opportunity to further develop your cultural IQ through immersing yourself into the traditional ‘itaukei’ way of life.

Projects Dates:

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Hybrid Internship - Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩
(4 Weeks in Bali + 2 Weeks Remote)

Join a team and live within a traditional Balinese community, learn about the culture first hand and undertake rewarding and immersive professional experiences. View this paradise island through a local lens, where your perspectives are challenged, your skills developed and lifelong memories and friendships are made.

Have the opportunity to work with local organisations, businesses, and charities, across multiple sectors, as you undertake either a Mental Health Placement, or Global Team Internship.

Complete a 2 week Remote Internship, after completing a 4 week in country project. Throughout this time, you will have the opportunity to further develop your personal and professional skills, supercharging your through working on behalf of our inspiring partners, which includes a collection of hand-picked local NGOs, businesses and social enterprises. Throughout this time, you will have the chance to learn about the unique culture of Bali, and explore everything that this incredible island has to offer.

Projects Dates:

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8-Week Internship in Fiji 🇫🇯
2-Month Project on Kadavu Island, Fiji

This internship gives you the chance to live in a traditional village on the remote island of Kadavu, immerse yourself into a new culture and to become a member of a Fijian family, whilst contributing to the implementation of sustainable development, at a community level.

Join a team of like-minded young people and collaborate on building a community health dispensary, followed by facilitating a Youth Empowerment project- in partnership with the Fijian Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Youth & Sports and other Fijian NGO’s. 

Our two month internship allows you to have  a transformational experience that significantly boosts your employability, develops your global perspectives, and creates unique memories that will stay with you forever.

Project Dates:

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8-Week Remote Internship 💻
Work For Our Partners in Fiji - From Home

Tackle international development issues and achieve real outcomes for our partners in Fiji, whist developing your skills, experience and boosting your employability – from home.

Working on behalf of a Fijian organisation (across a choice of 10 sectors), interns complete a ‘Social Action Project’ that tackles real problems in the South Pacific, whilst learning about the fascinating Fijian culture and developing global citizenship.

What is a Remote Internship? Internships that are completed remotely. All you need is a computer, phone and internet connection. We’ll connect you with real life projects, supporting communities in the Fiji islands. As well as providing insightful mentoring, coaching and support to help you contribute to global issues.

Project Dates:

  • Start dates every alternate Monday from June 2024 onwards
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What Makes Think Pacific Unique?
Thoughtful Global Mobility Underpinned By Collaboration
Responsible Projects
Focus On Fiji & Bali
Locally Led Initiatives
Team Experiences
Purposefully Small
What Can You Achieve?

In today’s multicultural society, it’s hugely beneficial to travel and experience life in another country and culture before settling into a career. No amount of time in the classroom can replace hands-on, active learning. Our aim is for every student to complete their project with a set of experiences and transferable skills, which can profoundly improve their future:

  • Gain 100 + hours of international work experience.
  • Boost cultural IQ & enhance global perspectives.
  • Activate global citizenship & broaden horizons.
  • Contribute towards sustainable development, on behalf of our partners.
  • Increase your leadership skills through collaborative work.
  • Job references, certificate of completion, and LinkedIn endorsement.
  • Potential employment opportunities via Think Pacific graduate scheme.
Collaboration + Culture + Challenge = Extraordinary Personal Development
Not Your Average Internships

Whether you join an in country project in Fiji or Bali, or Remote Internship, you will be directly supporting the aims and initiatives of our partners. At Think Pacific, everything we do is with, through, and for our inspiring network of local partner organisations as we aim to support the development, and increase the capacity, of locally led aims and objectives.

We truly believe in having a global impact, with a local approach.

We are driven by local request and believe in listening to, and working alongside, the communities in which we are lucky enough to work with and live alongside. As such, you will also have the opportunity to be embedded in unique cultures, customs, and traditions, and learn from valuable perspectives and outlooks, that very few people can say they have access to.

Support the UN Sustainable Development Goals