Kadavu and Ra Project Prep Report

Earlier this month saw Project Manager, Lulu, head to Kakoronawa (Kadavu) and Naraviravi (Ra) to help prep these 2 villages for our January projects.

The re -prep visits were successfully carried out to ensure we continue to work as closely as possible with the host communities. These prep visits allow us to have open conversations with the villages and host families about the projects and help provide the necessary support and guidance to any individuals who may need it.

We recently won the GoOverseas Community Choice Awards for volunteering organisation that has the biggest impact. The award states “it’s not only important to understand how the experience changed the reviewer. It’s also important to understand if the program achieves its goals and the work volunteers do has a lasting positive impact, so we ask reviewers to rate the impact of their program.” 

This award helps illustrate the long-term impact we aim to make here at Think Pacific.

We feel these sorts of prep and re-prep visits allow us to make the impact we do, as our project aims can be so aligned with governmental objectives and specific community requirements.

Ratu Cavei who is 49yrs of age from Nakoronawa Kadavu (acting Turaga ni Koro) and Master Varaone who is 33yrs of age from Naraviravi Ra (Kindi Teacher) both mentioned how excited and happy the villages are in anticipation for these projects and very much looking forward to having our team for the next 3 and 7 weeks.

We’re all so excited to see what our Kadavu and Ra projects achieve. 🇫🇯 🌴 🙌


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