29 LJMU Students volunteer in Fiji!

Published 20/09/2017

Looking to make the most of their summer, these LJMU students stumbled across a once in a lifetime adventure whilst scrolling on Facebook. A little apprehensive, they decided to attend the presentation to find out whether Fiji could be the summer adventure for them. Find out about their experiences below…


Charlotte, reflects on her 4 week Summer Expedition to the heart of the South Pacific

Charlotte Law, 2nd Year, Primary Education, Liverpool John Moores University.

‘It sounds so cliché but the best moment of my trip were all the people I met.’

After attending the presentation, Charlotte realised that the expedition definitely related to her passion around Primary Education and would provide her with an amazing teaching experience. So in June 2017, Charlotte joined a team of fellow LJMU students headed out to Fiji for 4 weeks to immerse themselves into a traditional Fijian community.  Working alongside our government partners the team used education and sport to uplift children out of poverty and hardship.



Living in a Fijian village for 3 weeks was obviously a bit of a culture shock and took a bit of time to adjust but honestly, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Being welcomed so openly into a home and family makes it so easy to enjoy yourself and forget about the luxuries you take for granted at home. All Fijian people are so friendly and the people especially in your village recognise that you are there for a purpose and to help educate their children so really do their best to ensure you’re constantly cared for and feel just at home. Arriving in the village, everyone was so excited to meet us, as were we to meet them. They were so eager to help us with carrying our bags and bringing us into the village hall for a welcome ceremony which immediately shows you the generosity and kindness they will shower you with, during your time there.



With regard to the impact made on the children and school, it was clear to see that sometimes the slow learners are left behind and quite often don’t even know the basics. With our help those learners were able to be stripped down and re taught the basics so that they were able to then build on this and had the foundations of learning in order that they could continue to progress when we went home. Some of the highlights of my trip were working one to one with a child, trying to teach them a new sound or a calculation problem and when they finally got it and you celebrated, the happiness and smiles on their faces were priceless.



‘Think Pacific trip has opened my eyes to the kindness people can show to one another’


It sounds so cliché but the best moment of my trip were all the people I met. From the babies in families, to the school children, to the Mum’s and Dad’s, to everyone else in the village there was not one moment where you felt alone. People were constantly asking you in for what would be, your third dinner or inviting you in for a cup of tea. The friendliness, compassion and generosity shown by those who have so little is something I will never forget.


Completing my Think Pacific trip has opened my eyes to the kindness people can show to one another. It makes you feel differently about all the miniscule things that you worry about in daily life which really don’t matter. Even though I study Primary Education, volunteering in the school has given me more confidence when working with children. Working with children who’s first language is not English can be challenging but after spending some time working through the difficulties and seeing them progress, it reaffirms your confidence and ability to help others.


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