Pictures and Photos of Fiji

Published 12/06/2017

pictures of Fiji

Get Inspired with Our Beautiful Pictures of Fiji

Are you looking to get inspired by the natural beauty of the Fiji Islands and the people who live there? If so, discover our free Fiji picture gallery below. All these pictures were taken on Think Pacific expeditions by our amazing volunteers and leaders.

Remember that long exposure to looking at pictures of Fiji can make you want to move there permanently 😉

Pictures of Fiji Beaches

Pictures of Fiji Rugby

playing rugby in fiji

picture of rugby in Fiji Islands

picture of rugby in Fiji School

rugby coaching in fiji


Pictures of Fiji Villages

picture of Fiji village

picture of volunteering in fiji

fijian village

campfire in fiji community

dancing in fiji village

volunteering in fijian children

Pictures of Fiji Smiles

picture of fiji kindergarten

fiji school

fiji rugby team

Pictures of Fiji Sunset

picture of fiji sunset

Think Pacific and the Fiji Islands

Have these pictures inspired you at all? Come on, admit it, they have, haven’t they? It’s ok, we once got inspired by some pictures of Fiji 10 years ago and haven’t looked back since! We live and breathe Fiji and offer once in a lifetime adventures to the Fiji Islands. If you think it’s about time you took some beautiful pictures of Fiji, instead of seeing someone else’s, then get in contact with us today.

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