Reviews From Our Volunteers

Published 15/05/2017
Reviews From Our Volunteers
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Think Pacific is a very small and personal organisation. People who choose to volunteer with us become a close member of our team and in Fiji, our volunteers are made to feel very much a part of the Fijian families who we support. Many of our volunteers keep in close contact with their ‘Fijian families’ when they return home and we’ve had many volunteers return back to their village to see their Fijian brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and friends again.

If you’re considering joining a volunteer project there’s often nothing better then speaking to someone who has been there and done it. We are always delighted to put potential volunteers in touch with past volunteers, so you can hear all about their experiences.

Please email and I would be delighted to send you a list of the contact details for some of our recently returned volunteers.


Recent reviews:

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Here’s a collection of volunteer reviews for you to read…


“If you love challenging yourself, meeting new people and want to experience something completely different then this is for you! The last ten weeks have given me some of the best moments of my life, teaching in schools, learning how to build, trekking and camping on mountains and most importantly meeting people that will be part of your family for the rest of your life. It is a truly amazing experience, tough at times, but so rewarding. You won’t regret it for one moment! Thank you Think Pacific!”

Elsa Thorne- September 2016


“This summer I volunteered for 5 weeks with Think Pacific in a remote Fijian village. It was a truly incredible, heartwarming and rewarding experience. The Fijian family I stayed with were so welcoming and friendly, allowing me to experience the Fijian way of life from cooking to cleaning to traditional crafts and even coconut husking! The TP leaders live in the same village as you which is great as support is there 24/7, one of several reasons why I chose to go with TP. The project gave us the opportunity to teach in two local primary schools across various year groups. I especially enjoyed teaching lacrosse as this was a completely new and exciting sport for the children and am so grateful for TP arranging lax sticks to be sent all the way to Fiji so I could do this! I wish I could do the project all over again – vinaka vaka levu Think Pacific for an absolutely brilliant experience!!”

Imy Harper- September 2016


“Think Pacific gave me most incredible 5 weeks I could have hoped for in Fiji! It was an amazing experience, one which is completely unforgettable. The Fijian people are some of the kindest and most caring people, always making you laugh and making you feel at home immediately! The project was fab, from landing at the airport to reluctantly getting back on the plane at the end, the leaders were always on hand for even the smallest and silliest of queries, with the whole team becoming your family very quickly! There is so much of the Fijian lifestyle and culture to get fully involved in, and you really see the difference you are making on the community! I can’t thank Think Pacific enough for what can only be described as an experience of a lifetime!”

Grace Knowlton – September 2016


“I volunteered with Think Pacific this summer for 5 weeks and it was the most amazing experience. Fiji is an incredible country filled with the most friendly, welcoming and generous people you will ever meet and is definitely worth visiting. I chose to go to Fiji with TP because it is a registered charity in Fiji and so you know that the money you spend to go there is going directly to the people and children you are working with. The project was the most rewarding thing I have ever done and the TP project leaders are there to support you the whole time. I cannot thank Think Pacific enough for the most amazing experience!!!”

Louise Swan  –  September 2016


“Being able to coach rugby was a fantastic opportunity and was one of the first things that attracted me to the project and, with it being World Cup Year, the timing could not have been better! Sports coaching was one of the highlights of the project and it was amazing to see how the kids reacted to our daily sports sessions. Their enthusiasm and their natural sporting ability made for some great sessions and it was a privilege to be able to coach the children at Nalaba Primary, espically when our Rugby team won 40-5!”

Rob Brereton – September 2016


“Incredible organisation, run by a hugely inspiring and aspirational team. A once in a life time experience.”

Charlie Crichton – September 2016


“Absolutely amazing experience and definitely the best 10 weeks of my life in Malake. Think Pacific are doing amazing things all over Fiji, they are friendly, organized, full of information and they think of absolutely everything, to ensure that you are prepared and love every minute of your time in Fiji. Their team leaders are unparalleled and made the experience what it was. So, if you ever get the chance to go to Fiji with TP, DO NOT HESITATE! GO! I will certainly be back for sure.”

Courtney Griffiths – September 2016


“A wonderful experience, incredible friends and amazing stories to tell. If you are hesitant, just do it.”

Daisy Hall –  September 2016


“Bula Simon! Hope you are well.  Sorry for the late reply, I’m currently backpacking in New Zealand with Ryan and Ben from the Natauloa team! Vinaka vaka levu for the amazing opportunity to join the Think Pacific team – it really was an incredible experience and one I’m sure I’ll never forget. I think we’ve all come away with a real passion for the Fijian culture and Think Pacific – I’ve become homesick for Natauloa rather than England! I’ve met the occasional Fijian out in NZ and become over excited and gone off on a tangent about how amazing my experience was over there – I think I’m losing my mind. Fiji’s also won Cheryl and Poppy over to volunteer with you again – I’m extremely envious, but hopefully I’ll have a chance to return at some point in the future. I’d like to thank Luke, Lulu and Lee for being such amazing leaders, and of course you and Harry for making it all happen. The project was so well organised – I don’t think I could fault it in the slightest. If there’s anything I can do to help promote Think Pacific, I’ll be more than happy to help. Vinaka vaka levu”

Corrinne Yeates


“Hi Simon, How are you? I wanted to say a huge thank you to you as well for the whole Fiji experience. It really was the best thing I’ve ever done and I think the way Think Pacific organizes these expeditions is just perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better 10 weeks. Absolutely love the video – it brings back so many incredible memories! Best wishes, Hannah”

Hannah Ward


“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you and Harry for everything Think Pacific has done. I had the best time of my life on Batiki Island. I thought Harry and Paskey were such good leaders, fun, helpful and always there if I needed to speak to them about anything! My favourite job on Batiki was definitely working in school as I could spend so much time with the children. I loved every minute of the expedition and didn’t want to leave. It was definitely the saddest moment of my life leaving the village as I love my family so much and got on so so well with the Fijians, especially the children. I miss them so much and think about Batiki pretty much every minute of the day. I just keep thinking of Fiji and wishing I was back right now. I feel so passionate about Fiji now and talk about Batiki and Think Pacific all the time. I didn’t realise I could fall in love with a place so much, love people like that, and feel so loved. I would never have had this amazing experience without yours and Harry’s help so vinaka vaka levu!!!”

Georgia Edwards


“Hi Simon! I’m a bit emotional about being home and missing the village and the TP team. I rang my Fijian family this morning to let them know I was home safe and they were very excited to hear from me. I had the most incredible time in Fiji, an experience I will treasure forever. I feel so lucky to have met such amazing people, who are content with so little and so willing to offer all their love.”

Livvy Steans


“I’m just emailing to say a huge thanks for making me a part of the expedition. The last 2 months have been amongst the best of my entire life and I’ll treasure the memories Think Pacific gave me forever. Without your efforts at home that wouldn’t be possible so thank you and vinaka vakalevu. Please pass on my sincerest thanks to Harry as well.”

Tom Owen


“I am so grateful for the chance to go to Fiji with you guys. I get the feeling that myself and the team don’t think that we could have picked a better experience to be a part of. I am now in NZ and am already missing Fiji, as are others. So I want to thank you and harry for such a wonderful journey that you have sent us on. Once again thankyou so much, TP will always be in my mind and I definitely plan to visit fiji in a few years.”

Ben Mclauchlan


“I had the time of my life in Fiji and will never ever forget it. Right from the start you have been so supportive and helpful and I really can’t thank you enough. Yavu was amazing I feel like it’s my second home and definitely going to return. It was so much more than I ever expected and never thought we could be welcomed to openly into their village families and their way of life. what think pacific are doing in Fiji is amazing and it’s been a pleasure to be a small part of that.”

Kerry Oldfield


“Bula vinaka Simon!! I’ve just returned to Edinburgh now after spending an extra 2 days in LA and I am already massively missing Fiji. The people in Yanuca were absolutely amazing and I’m missing the village so much and can’t wait to go back already. It’s also a very weird feeling that the team are all spread apart all over the world!! A huge vinaka for picking me for the project. We can really see the impact that your organisation has on their lives and I would love to do the whole thing again. If there’s anything I can ever do to help out on the British front please let me know. Moce, Emma”

Emma Hay


“It was a well and truly moving experience, and I have to thank you again for creating a company that lets volunteers form such an amazing connection with the communities in Fiji. Loloma.”

Will Grant


“I’m just settling back into boring old Britain after my ten weeks in Uluibau. Had an absolutely incredible time and just wanted to drop you an email to say thanks for everything you did to help from UK side. All your emails and chats on the phone made everything so much easier and really got me prepared for the expedition. Thanks again for everything.”

Robin Cumming


“Thank you very much for the email I had the absolute time of my life this summer in Fiji with Think Pacific. Everything was just so far beyond what I could have asked for or expected. The families were incredible and I loved becoming a part of the village and immersing into a new culture. Both Harry and Tim were so amazing on the project. Thank you so much for all your help before and during the project. You kept us all so well informed and the blog is brilliant! All the best with future Tp teams and projects happening.”

Alex Jenkinson


“Long time no speak! The whole 5 weeks was absolutely amazing, never a dull moment, it really was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I think all of team 6 are already missing village life and our families in Fiji, I’m definitely hoping to return to Moturiki one day. Thank you so much for everything you and Harry did prior to and during the trip, we all really appreciate it. And the blog is brilliant!”

Katie Thorn


“Simon, I just wanted to say a massive vinaka for the whole trip. It was incredible, every aspect of it. It is honestly one of the best decisions I have made and I wish you the best of luck for all future expeditions.”

Jamie Knowles


“I would just like to take the time to thank you (and of course Fiji Guy) for giving me the opportunity to spend 10 weeks in Nasauvuki. It was, despite sounding clichéd, the most eye-opening and life changing 3 months of my life; and going to Fiji with Think Pacific is most definitely the best decision I have ever made.”

Chris Newman


“Bula! Like I said to Harry before we left, this experience has changed our lives and we will never forget it. I will never really be able to tell you how grateful I am that you gave me this opportunity and I will always continue to spread the awesomeness that is TP! And you are right, once TP ALWAYS TP! Thank you so much for everything and for the help you gave me before the trip and the constant phone calls just to check in. As for improvements all I can say is that there is none. You guys were fantastic. aaaah i can’t thank you guys enough! YOU’RE BRILLIANT! Genuinely Si, thanks for everything!”

Ashleigh Campbell


“Bula Simon, I’m sitting here in terminal 2 of LA, thinking about the past 3 months that I’ve just gone through and they have been the greatest three months of my life. And I owe you and Harry a big big vinakavaka levu for that and giving me the opportunity to experience it with a great village, great family, great leaders and 18 new best friends. Leaving the village was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do as it feels now that I have my own family in Nasavuki and leaving Fiji all together was also hard. Harry has spoken to me about the love you and him have for Fiji and in these 3 months I know I have also found that love for Fiji. I hope to go back as soon as possible to the village. Thank you so very much for picking me, I have never had something mean so much to me in my life and although it was hard to leave it just means I will be back there sooner.”

Tom Clark

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