How University Students Can Make the Most Out of Their Summer Holidays

Published 15/11/2017

What Should University Students Do Over the Summer?

After a big year at university, students can find themselves asking what they should do over the summer break. The stress of revision and exams are over, and students can finally taste freedom. But now what? How can students make the most of their summer?

From being a nervous fresher, to graduating and applying for jobs – university can come and go in a flash. So, making the most out of all your time at university is crucial. The summer break makes up a large part of the year and too many students find themselves wasting this period.

But luckily you won’t be one of them, will you? You’re ready to make the summer break one that you’ll remember forever, and one that might even become the highlight of your time at university.

Volunteering over Summer

The concept of a gap year has been around for a while, with many school leavers opting to go travelling around the world before they embark on a university course. However, a huge shift is taking place at the moment, and that’s the realisation that university students can enjoy all the benefits of a gap year during their summer break.

Instead of taking a traditional gap year, switched on students can undertake all their studies at university and then embark on remarkable experiences over the summer holiday.

If you need some inspiration for volunteering over the summer, check out the video below and discover what our university projects involve.

Benefits of Travelling over Summer

1. Become More Conscious of Global Challenges

Here at Think Pacific, we strongly believe that international volunteering helps students become more conscious of and engaged with global challenges and issues. Our volunteers live in a Fijian village and get to experience first-hand, what it’s truly like to be a Fijian. Our volunteers get a unique insight into the challenges facing these communities and helping provide tangible solutions.

For university students, this is an incredible opportunity to get experiences related to real world challenges. Not only does this make you appreciate the little things, it can also help inspire what you want to do in the future.

2. Learn About New Cultures

Learning about new cultures is always going to bring with it a wealth of benefits. Understanding the ways people live and what they value, helps our volunteers gain priceless experiences.

Having a break from social media and trading the daily routine for living in remarkable places in the world is a fantastic way to make sure your summer holiday is one to remember.

For many students who haven’t had the chance to travel to far and wide countries, international volunteering can quite simply be life changing.

In Fiji, getting the opportunity to see how communities do so much, with so little, will provide volunteers with lifelong perspectives into making the most out of any situation.

3. Enhance your Studies

Volunteering abroad is a great way to supplement your studies. University can often be theory heavy, and getting the chance to apply your newly acquired knowledge and skills in the real world is a great experience.

It doesn’t matter what you’re studying, every subject will have relevance for local communities. Our volunteers have studied everything from sports science, to geography, to medicine, and everything in between. Being able to think about how you can relate your studies to your travels, means you can create experiences that you can talk about with future employers. Imagine how impressive you’d look if you were applying to be a teacher, and could say you helped teach English in a Fijian school during the summer!

4. Learn New Skills to put on your CV

A Think Pacific summer volunteering project to Fiji offers a wealth of new skills for our volunteers. These are all great additions to any CV and perfect for doing something that is fun, but also that will help job opportunities.

As well as passing on your own knowledge and skills, our university students often underestimate just how much they’ll learn. Skills like confidence and leadership can become almost buzz words when it comes to personal development, but they really do make a difference for your future. Living in a remote Fijian village will give you a level of confidence that you simply can’t get from staying in your room over the summer.

From learning from fellow volunteers and team leaders, to the local communities, everyone gains so many new skills that can be applied to their CV and separate them from the rest of the crowd.

5. Follow your Passion

Volunteering in Fiji is a great way to spend a summer following your passion. From sports coaching abroad, to teaching in schools, there are so many things to do that reflect your passions and interests. This is great to talk about in future interviews and illustrates someone who knows what they want to do with their time.

Combing travel and your interests is the ultimate way to make the most of your summer holiday.

Fiji is the perfect playground for anyone who wants to learn about new cultures, contribute to holistic development, teach in schools, coach sports and generally get involved with living in a remote village in the South Pacific.

6. Do Something Unforgettable with Friends

International travel with friends will create incredibly strong relationships with each other. It creates lifelong friendships and forges experiences that you’ll never forget.

University builds amazing friendships, and travelling with these friends is something all students should take advantage of.

Let’s Talk About Fiji

We offer volunteering experiences to Fiji. If you’d like to learn more about what we do, download our brochure today, or simply get in touch today.

For more inspiration about what you can do over summer, listen to Abbey’s story and her journey to Fiji with Think Pacific.

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