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The most unique aspect to Think Pacific is that we deliver projects nationally, across all provinces of Fiji’s 330 islands.  We focus upon advocacy, training and empowering Fijian youths to deliver aims within their own communities. directed by The Fijian Ministry of Youth and Sports, The Fijian Ministry of Health and The National Employment Centre Fiji.

Every team visits a different location and supports a different village setting and youth group.  This model allows our charity to have a wider and more sustainable impact. Rather than focusing upon just one village in Fiji, this model means we can collaborate with, learn from and help to inspire thousands of young adults and children annually, providing wide spread messages of education, sport, health, employability and well-being.  We ensure the delivery of the governments’ aims and continuity of programmes rest in the hands of ambitious local people. It is a respectful and locally empowering method, which has been handcrafted by our charity and The Fijian government for over a decade to achieve core national aims and foster local achievement.

This also creates a phenomenal experience for our volunteers. You are often the first ever team of volunteers your community has hosted. This brings a unique buzz of excitement – it develops your personal connection to the village, a unique learning environment, a real and honest cultural insight and life-long memories for everyone.


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Our 9-Step Process To Crafting Each Project
Creating The Most Sustainable Impact Possible
1. Requested
The Fijian Government take requests from the Provincial Councils and Regional Youth Groups who would like a volunteer team to visit their community
2. Consultation
Meeting with Government to discuss and prioritse the requests from Provinces and ensuring the programme will match the youth groups aims and ambitions and the skill level of volunteers
3. Planning
TP and our National Advisors visit the village settings to run planning days with the community, youth groups and children and set expectation
4. Logistics
As every project visits a different area, we plan travel, resources, healthcare and risk assessments
5. Resources & Materials
We purchase specific materials and confirm course content for each setting with our local partners
6. Delivery
Your Project Managers plan your arrival, deliver your briefing and Expedition Leaders guide you into your village
7. Review & Feedback
Feedback from the youth group and community, as well as gaining thorough de-brief and reflection of your learning outcomes
8. Educate & Sustain
We continue to up-skill and train young Fijian adults who become long term Youth, Sport & Health Ambassadors for each project setting through our 'Educate the Educators' program
9. Long Term Impact
The long term goal is for the youths we support to be inspired to become the change agents of the future, running initiatives themselves within their communities
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Volunteering With Us Means..
Accountability & Local Oversight

Did you know? Many volunteer organisations act as a ‘middle man’ for local NGOs and charities abroad. This can cause conflicts of interest, unrealistic expectations and mixed messages. Think Pacific is different.   As a UK social enterprise (Think Pacific) and a registered Fijian charitable Trust (Think Pacific Foundation), with over 100 annual staff in Fiji, we provide whole oversight and accountability of the project and wider local aims of training, monitoring and sustainability.

“We are the adviser before you leave, the ground operator when you arrive, and the local charity ensuring sustainability after you depart.”

No Superheroes, No Saviours. Just thoughtful collaboration, challenge and understanding..
Setting You Up For Success

You won’t change the world on a TP project (or any volunteer project).  But with us, you will be able to make a small and real contribution.  International development is complex. International volunteering organisations can be a real mixed bag of quality. If you’re reading this far, then we know you’re someone who likes to delve deeper and consider carefully – which is wonderful! 

Our projects are hugely inspiring and rewarding for Fijian children and youths in Fiji and continue to achieve empowering and sustainable results. To progress our impact further, we’re looking for individuals who really want to learn about Fiji, embrace a new way of life and test yourself in unfamiliar settings. If you come to Fiji with this mindset and  a positive ‘can do’ attitude, we promise, you’ll work on genuinely sound initiatives, which are making a real contribution at a local level – A programme that breeds global understanding, fosters youth development and is demanding but carefully designed to match to your skill level.  We also know the project is a real challenge, but that living at the heart of a Fijian village is just about the biggest, most reflective and most memorable life lesson you can have.

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