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Leadership = Empowerment
What We Believe Leadership Is…

At Think Pacific, we consider ‘leadership’ to be the process of empowerment, a social influence process which maximises the efforts of oneself and others towards the achievement of a goal.


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Leadership Development For Fiji
Supporting Fijian National Government Aims…

Fiji is a young country with around 62 percent of the population below the age of 35.

“Effective engagement of youth in the economy, society and the political sphere will stimulate growth and development. Government will ensure that educational, employment and leadership opportunities are provided to young Fijians. In the next 5 years, initiatives will be strengthened for training, empowerment and awareness programmes for youth in areas such as entrepreneurship, leadership, climate change and sexual health awareness.”

Source; National Development Plan – The Fijian Government

Think Pacific has agreed to assist with the delivery of the following strategy points, in partnership with the Ministry of Youth & Sports;

  •  To support the provision of leadership training under the iTaukei Affairs Board for rural youth and promote the participation of youth in local community development forums.
  • To initiate collaborative strategies between government and communities to increase the capacity and engagement of Fiji’s youth in the community and economy.


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Leadership Development for International Students & Volunteers
Personal Development…

A Think Pacific project is a meaningful personal development journey that allows students from universities all around the world to challenge themselves, whilst making a positive contribution to international development aims and expanding their understanding of the world.

Students and young people work within a team of up to 24 like-minded people to deliver basic education and sports development initiatives – on behalf of the Fijian Government. To do so, they must plan learning activities and communicate effectively with peers, community members, school teachers and children.

Over the course of a project, every student shall experience a complete cultural immersion, an invigorating team-based challenge and a structured and inspiring learning and leadership journey.

Increasing Employability Skills…

Employability skills can be defined as the transferable skills needed by an individual to make them ‘employable’. Along with good technical understanding and subject knowledge, employers often outline a set of skills that they want from an employee.

Our aim is for every student to complete their project with a set of experiences, personal attributes and transferable skills, which can positively impact their future education, career ambitions and transition to life beyond study.

Students who spend time abroad are;

  • 19% more likely to get a 1st in their degree than non-mobile peers
  • 10% more likely to be in a graduate role than their non-mobile peers
  • 20% less likely to be unemployed than their non-mobile peers
  • are earning 7% more than non-mobile peers

Source: Gone International: Expanding Opportunities, 2018

The 15 Think Pacific Leadership Development Attributes
All Enhanced During a Think Pacific Project...
1. Global Intelligence
The ability to interact effectively with people from different cultures. Displaying behavioural flexibility and self-awareness to use appropriate behaviour and recognise cultural difference.
2. Emotional Intelligence
Displaying the capacity to manage one’s emotions and express them effectively. Whilst also handling interpersonal relationships effectively and the ability to empathise.
3. Teamwork
Effectively collaborating with a range of personalities across a wide range of tasks such as sports coaching, creative arts and education.
4. Integrity
Making ethical decisions and taking the moment to consider the context before acting.
5. Curiosity
Seeking to learn to improve knowledge, understanding, relationships and performance.
6. Resilience
Displaying the ability to maintain energy, focus and a positive attitude despite the changing environment and potential adversity.
7. Enterprising
Displaying resourcefulness, along with the ability to seek out opportunity and take initiative.
8. Motivation
The ability to work productively to consistently achieve individual goals and team targets.
9. Responsibility
Being fully accountable for one’s actions and being reliable.
10. Confidence
Developing self-confidence by overcoming daily challenges such as public speaking and preparing group activities.
11. Communication
Displaying the ability to debate, reason, express feedback and problem solve in tough situations.
12. Critical Thinking
The ability to display strong judgement when giving feedback on daily activities.
The ability to recognise and react appropriately to rapidly changing environments.
Expressing the ability to create meaningful ideas and solutions to problems to achieve a positive outcome.
The ability to persuade others to support an idea because of one’s trust gained by peers.
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