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Built Upon Collaboration and Long-Term Partnerships
Achieving Fijian Government Aims & Expanding University Global Mobility

We aim to be the epitome of purposeful, responsible and empowering international projects and experiential learning programmes. Central to this is the depth of our association with local communities, government departments and organisations within Fiji, which is unique and unrivalled.

Every project is planned in collaboration and at the request of rural communities and directed and monitored by Fijian Government Ministries to ensure our work has real purpose and long term sustainability. We are respected for working within the framework of the Government, adding benefit to long term strategies and the advancement of health infrastructure and access and opportunity for youths living in rural areas. This includes driving forward the aims of Fiji’s National Development Plan and being a key facilitator of the Ministry of Health’s ‘Towards a Healthy Fiji Islands Initiative’.

We also work alongside many by leading international universities across the Pacific and the rest of the world and hold many partnerships to support the formal delivery of global mobility. Through our structured projects, we guide hundreds of students annually who develop leadership, transferable skills and expand their cultural understanding, whilst contributing to the aims and initiatives of our Fijian partners.

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Hear what the British High Commission, Government Secretaries and other NGO Directors have to say about our projects in Fiji:

Our Major Partners
Formal MOU Agreements With...
Fiji's Ministry of Health


Our projects are guided by the action plans of the National Centre for Health Promotion and the government directive, ‘Towards a Healthy Fiji Programme’ (TAHF). This is a holistic development approach being implemented in rural areas, which supports combined initiatives to achieve whole solutions to poverty issues by developing knowledge and education, facilitating vital infrastructure and empowering Fijian people to live healthy, sustainable lives.

Fiji's Ministry of Youth & Sports

Think Pacific signed an MOU with the Ministry of Youth & Sports on the 12th June 2014.  Think Pacific support and implement on the Ministry’s concepts and initiatives for expanding opportunities for young Fijians to develop themselves, including nurturing sports teams and youth groups, providing mobile skills training, supporting youth mentoring and growing extra-curricular activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme in Fijian schools.

National Employment Centre Fiji

Think Pacific hold a memorandum of understanding with the National Employment Centre of Fiji. Through this agreement we work closely to maximise the transfer of skills and to strengthen Fijian expertise and capacity. We promote village based businesses, facilitate training for Fijian youths and invest in local skills. We engage unemployed Fijian youths in employment and placements annually. We proud to provide the first opportunities of work based learning, career experience and often long term job opportunities for young Fijians registered through the NEC.

Fiji National Sports Commission


Think Pacific signed an MOU with the Fiji National Sports Commission on the 21st May 2014.  The key areas of co-operation between Think Pacific and the Fiji National Sports Commission include the facilitation of key sporting concepts and initiatives such as the Sports Outreach Scheme, the Educate the Educators training programme as well as supporting National events and developing grass roots Youth & Sports clubs in rural settings.

Why Are Partnerships Important?

Partnerships are the most effective means of working in a unified and genuinely effective way towards shared goals: They are the reason Think Pacific is structured in the way we are and ultimately why our projects exist in the way they do!

Not only is this important for the practical elements of the development sector, it is an important ethical point too. For international support to be genuinely effective, there must be an understanding that due to cultural and societal differences, the direction of ‘development’ must be locally-led and any resource distribution to be directed to where it is most useful, particularly in a country such as Fiji with a history of Western imposition.

On a global level, within the partnership dynamic, there is an exchange, and we believe there is a huge amount of value that can be come from open discussion, when nuanced perspectives are listened to and engaged with and particularly when those perspectives are valued on a global level.

A Few Of Our University Partners...
As Trusted Volunteer Providers & Global Mobility Partners

We have built a reputation as an expert provider of international placements and global mobility for over 70 universities. We have close working relationships with Study Abroad Teams, Careers Centres and International Mobility Departments at some of the most prestigious institutions. We’re passionate supporters of  expanding knowledge, understanding and soft skills of university students through purposeful, cultural immersive and skill-matched placements and projects in Fiji.

Non-Government Organisation Partners in Fiji
We Support & Engage With Local Organisations...

Over time we have developed very proud partnerships with organisations which are having a huge impact on the ground in Fiji, in line with our aims, values, beliefs and mission.

The Little One's
Early Years Education

Think Pacific partners the Little One’s in delivering ‘The Mobile Kindi’ which aims to provide early years education to rural areas of Fiji which have no access to education otherwise. Furthermore, the Little One’s founder, Anelesi is an early years education consultant for Think Pacific.

Fiji Rugby Union
Rugby Union

Think Pacific partner the Fiji Rugby Union in delivering the World Rugby “Get Into Rugby” programme to primary school students across our project settings.  The ‘Get Into Rugby’ programme aims to deliver new coaches and referees by encouraging participants of all ages and abilities to “Try, Play and Stay” in Rugby in a safe and fun environment.

Rise to Play

Think Pacific are working with UNICEF to deliver their Sport 2 Life programme, which aims to enrich youths through social development, using sport as the tool of engagement.   Think Pacific staff undertook training by UNICEF Pacific in 2016 to expand our reach and deliver Sport 2 Life in new provinces and regions of Fiji.

Youth Activities & Donations

Think Pacific has a close and supportive relationship with Rotary clubs and Think Pacific Director, Harry Hunter, has been honoured to receive the Paul Harris Fellowship Award for Think Pacific’s services in Fiji.  Over the past few years TP has provided funding assistance, and logistical support in the delivery of donation items across Fiji.

British High Commission
Travel Advice & Support

The British High Commission have provided strong to support to Think Pacific since our launch and assist staff and volunteer teams with advice, consular services and regional updates. The British High Commissioner has also visited our volunteer teams and project locations on numerous occasions.

Fiji Sports Council

Think Pacific signed an MOU with the Fiji Sports Council on the 6th November 2013.  The key areas of co-operation include support and assistance for national sporting events, providing funding, resources and sponsorship for sports events and delivering education and welfare workshops for students and young athletes.

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