Why Fiji?

Supporting and Celebrating Fiji
The Heart of the South Pacific

Effective volunteering requires long-term, sustainable relationships with all those involved.

That’s why we only work in Fiji. We channel all our efforts and energy into helping support Fiji and their National Development Goals. With over 10 years experience fostering these local relationships in the Fiji Islands, we are perfectly positioned to make positive contributions to Fijian communities. We understand how to create volunteering programs that deliver meaningful outcomes for both locals and the volunteers.

We’re proud to be different and proud to focus exclusively on Fiji. 


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Becoming Kaiviti

Celebrating Fiji’s Cultural Heritage

Community, inclusion and a sense of belonging lie at the heart of all Fijian villages. We think these values provide the perfect setting for volunteers to gain new skills and qualities that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

We truly value the experiences that are to be had from spending time in a Fijian village. It is a cultural exchange that can inspire great things for volunteers looking to grow, learn and develop.

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Meaningful Volunteering

We put our ourselves in the shoes of those communities we are working in to understand how we can truly support them. We don’t believe in generalised aims or initiatives that aren’t verified as what local communities actually need.

All our actions are aligned with Fiji’s National Development Goals.

By leveraging our partnerships with the Fijian Government and Ministries, we can deliver programs that achieve tangible objectives. This empowers our volunteers as they can see the change they are creating, as well as working on aims that are sustainable.

Volunteering in Fiji
6 Reasons to Volunteer in Fiji
Contribution. Challenge. Learn. Experience. Skills. Memories.
Inspired by Fiji
Vinaka Vaka Levu Viti

Fiji holds a very special place for all Think Pacific volunteers who have been fortunate enough to visit this beautiful island community in the South Pacific.

We are forever humbled and grateful for the experiences we get to share with our Fijian friends and family. Vinaka Fiji.

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