Fiji Island Hopping

Published 13/09/2017

Island Hopping Around Fiji

Fiji island hopping is something that everyone should try at least once. It gives you a chance to make multiple stops at beautiful islands and islets in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Made up of over 333 islands, Fiji couldn’t be more suited to island hopping. The country holds an array of surprises and hidden gems throughout the lagoons, islands and waters in one of the most remote parts of the world.

If you’re looking for some R&R after volunteering in Fiji, then island hopping could be the answer.


Island hopping in Fiji allows you the chance to experience some world class snorkelling and dive sites. These coral reefs and islets are untouched and will take your breath away.

A huge part of island hopping is having the chance to jump on and off boats to explore the lagoons and reefs.

Marine Conservation

If you’re going to spend time exploring islands and reefs around Fiji, you’re bound to have the chance to get involved in some type of marine conservation. From helping nesting turtles to replanting corals, this can be extremely rewarding and adds some purpose to your snorkelling or diving.

If you’re interested in marine conservation and want to know the best options in Fiji, make sure you get in touch and our team can help guide you in the right direction. Our team have all lived and worked in Fiji so know the best bits and the places worth going to.



Island hopping will expose you to some seriously impressive beaches. From long white sandy beaches, to black volcanic sands, island hopping around Fiji is a must for anyone who loves beaches.



Island hopping around Fiji will provide you with so many wonderful moments to capture on camera. It’s best to be prepared, so make sure you have plenty of memory on your camera/phone and bring camera equipment fit for the job.

Fiji island hopping involves a lot of opportunities to jump into the water and immerse yourself into underwater environment. Having a waterproof camera will give you the chance to snap amazing photos of reefs, turtles, dolphins and even sharks.

Check out some of these pictures of Fiji to get the ideas flowing.




The sunsets in Fiji are not be missed. Island hopping gives you the perfect setting for some truly amazing sunsets. Crystal clear oceans, island silhouettes and a beautiful red sun setting on the horizon will put anyone in a good mood. It’ll also give you the perfect picture to show family and friends.


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