Fiji Expeditions – Discovery Session (Recording)

Published 23/11/2021

Want to learn more about our Expeditions in the Fiji Islands? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ‡«πŸ‡―πŸŒ΄

Make lifelong friendships and shared memories on a challenging project, whilst gaining global experience, developing unique skills and making a real contribution to support sustainable development in Fiji.

Our Programs Manager Cam hosted a virtual information session for students interested in joining a Think Pacific Expedition in Fiji. This was hosted live but we made sure it was recorded, so those who missed the session could watch it back in their own time. The recording includes a 45-minute presentation, followed by a Q&A at the end.

Our volunteer placements in Fiji provide you with the opportunity to experience the unique culture, customs and way of life in the South Pacific islands.

If you’re interested in joining us to contribute to Fiji’s development whilst enhancing your employability and embarking on a meaningful adventure – then we HIGHLY recommend getting yourself comfy and grabbing a notepad and pen whilst listening to this info session πŸ˜„πŸ‘‡

Sound good? Want more information? Then read more about our in country expeditions here πŸ‘ˆ

If you want to join a team and work alongside rural Fijian communities on local initiatives which are achieving ground breaking results you canΒ apply here!πŸ‘ˆ

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