Finding Your Tribe

Published 03/11/2019

As humans we all seek to connect with others who share our values and beliefs.

To connect with like-minded people.

To have a sense of belonging.

To be a part of a community.

To be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

In it’s simplest form, to find our tribe. 🙏 🌍

Here at Think Pacific, we believe in community and we believe in the value of finding your tribe.

In a world where we can “connect” with anyone via social media and instant messages, something doesn’t feel quite right. There’s a lack of meaningful connections, that forge long lasting relationships.

And it’s these meaningful connections that shape who we are.

So instead of packing up a bag and heading into the distant horizon like a lone wolf to go to “find yourself”, we argue that finding your tribe and embarking on an adventure with like-minded people is the best way to go.

You’ll share experiences together, forge lasting friendships and benefit from the companionship that a team environments offers.

Benefits of Volunteering as a Team

  • You get to meet people from around the world that share your interests. 
  • You’ll share experiences with others and have people to reminisce about the project with. 
  • You’ll learn from other volunteers. 
  • You’ll help and support other volunteers.
  • You’ll challenge and push each other to achieve more.
  • You’ll better develop skills like teamwork and leadership.
  •  You’ll genuinely make lifelong friendships.
  • You won’t get lonely or bored. 
  • You can achieve more as a group and have a bigger impact. 

So, as the evidence stacks up pretty abundantly that volunteering as part of a team is the best way to go, the question becomes, is your tribe waiting for you in Fiji with Think Pacific?

We’ve created the infographic below to illustrate what our tribe stands for to help you decide if its right for you. Be sure to get in touch to learn more about our values, mission and award winning expeditions.

Is Think Pacific Your Tribe?

Decide if Think Pacific is the community and tribe you’ve been looking for.

If you’d like to learn more about Think Pacific and our projects, watch the short video below that offers a snapshot into what life is like on a Think Pacific project. Download our brochure and contact us today to learn more and how you can join one of our teams.


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