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Engage Children Through Extra-Curricular Activities
In Partnership with the Village Youth Group

Get involved in our extra curricular program as we provide a platform for children to express themselves in a different way. Every Saturday we lead a children’s program filled with activities such as art, drama, dance, music and photography and we organise lots of fun and structured games and activities. If you have a particular passion, from drawing to singing, this is your time to shine! The aim is for our Saturday ‘Kids Activity Club’ is to be varied, inclusive whilst offering support for all children within the community; this means we rely on your imagination and creativity to deliver this impact. Fijian children are infectiously bubbly, curious, playful and bursting with energy. Unfortunately, limited resources means they have very little opportunity to enjoy extra-curricular activities and experience the personal development benefits they bring. Our ‘Kids Activity Club’ initiative has been recognised by the Fijian Ministry of Youth and Sports who have requested Think Pacific to implement youth programmes across our projects.

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Why Is It So Important?
Bring Your Imagination & Creativity To Inspire Fijian Children

Many of the children have never used paint or art materials before, used a camera or practiced a dance routine. Through the extra-curricular element of our project we increase the children’s soft skills such as confidence, self-esteem and personal aspirations. Through our ‘Kids Activity Club’, we broaden their thinking, introduce them to new activities, develop their social skills, all whilst having an incredible amount of fun!


Art allows children to explore, build on and record their own creative and imaginative ideas. For those who love working with youngsters, our ‘Kids Activity Club’ provides an opportunity for the children to express themselves in a different way.


Dance proves to be one of the most enjoyable elements of projects. Introducing the children to this new environment through creativity, teaches them to build trust and effective relationships. Fijian children are always keen to learn and adapt, especially in a fun-filled dance lesson.


Help children build self-confidence and inspire them to explore their imagination. In Fiji the opportunities to take drama classes are limited so use this opportunity to unleash a new passion for performing arts. 

Kids Activity Clubs
Introduced to over 130 communities so far...

We introduce our various extra curricular activities into every community we support. Saturday’s on project are designed to engage children through a variety of fun, interactive, extra-curricular activities. The aim is to increase children’s self-esteem, unleash new passions and champion their achievements.  The project is inclusive and offers the chance for all children to be involved in different areas.  Seeing the children grow and learn becomes just as rewarding for you and the youth group members as it does for the children!


Our projects use creative arts to assist children in developing confidence, independence and creativity. We provide a platform for the children to learn new skills in a playful and imaginative environment whilst expressing their individuality.


In partnership with the local Youth Group we aim to promote participation for all, in extra curricular activities, ensuring that all members of the community receive every opportunity to enrich their lives through creativity.


This is so much more than a fun filled day; our ‘Kids Activity Clubs’ are a method to empower youths and children within rural communities to reach their potential through new passions.


Art allows the children to express themselves in ways they never knew existed. You will facilitate the creation of murals, big art attacks, and more.

Young Enterprise

Empower the young gifted minds of the village by introducing them to some very basic ‘business’ concepts in fun, interactive way.


Fijian children are blessed with amazing voices; nurture their talent and teach them songs as they compete against each other in a ‘sing off’.


Choreograph a winning performance by empowering children to experiment with their movements. Immerse yourself into the cultural exchange, as the children teach you their traditional Fijian Meke.


Use performing arts to allow the children to tap into their imagination and express themselves in a completely different way.

Bring your GOLD!

Join in the festival atmosphere of our Saturday ‘Kids Activity Club’. Play a bigger game, leave your ego at the door and contribute by introducing a passion of your own.

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Long Term Impact

Through your donation Think Pacific purchase materials and resources to establish the first ‘Kidz Clubs’ of it’s kind in the rural villages. For all our Youth Projects, our aim is that the skills and enthusiasm that you offer, combined with the initiative, enthusiasm and commitment of the local ‘Youth and Women’s Group’, allows the ‘Kidz clubs’ to be sustained and continued after the project is complete. This initiative has also been recognised by the Fijian Ministry of Youth and Sports as an opportunity for local role models to inspire children to continue to develop their interests and increase their skills and confidence in new activities. 

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