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Rugby is so much more than a sport in Fiji – it is a way of life! You’ll be inspired by the communities’ attitude and passion to learn, play or even just talk about rugby. Alongside the village youth group, you will lead weekly coaching sessions and be involved in the organisation of inter-community competitions and ‘rugby outreaches’ as we take our coaching to even more remote areas of Fiji. Take to the rugby field yourself as you spend your afternoons playing touch rugby or training with the local teams. Pick up some island flair and experience the passion, power and excitement of Fiji’s national sport. You’ll also learn some of the skills and tricks of the Fijian players as they play rugby as only the South Pacific Islanders can! It’s hard to find a country in the world more passionate about rugby than Fiji. Coaching and playing in the islands is an experience you’ll remember forever!

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Watch our rugby coaching video to learn how you can coach rugby on a Think Pacific project. You’ll love the rewards from working with the community members and you’ll forever remember playing in the South Pacific…

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How Can You Support Rugby Development?
In Partnership with the Fiji National Sports Commission and Fiji Rugby Union Governing Body

Experience the Fijian flair, power and carnival atmosphere of the most popular sport in Fiji. Become a part of your local village rugby team as you work together to overcome challenges and develop the sports at a grassroots level. The spectacular scenery of Fiji’s remote jungle clearing, or the idyllic outer islands are some of the most incredible backdrops you will ever experience whilst playing rugby. The bonds you will form with the Fijian players as you pull on the village jersey and take to the field is something you will never forget!


Our projects cultivate a hunger to learn for everyone involved. You will use rugby as a tool to engage the community in education and foster messages of team work and health as part of a bigger government program of holistic development


In partnership with the local Youth Group we aim to promote participation for all, in rugby and recreational activities, ensuring that all members of the community receive every opportunity to enrich their lives through quality rugby coaching.


This is so much more than a rugby project; our coaching sessions are a method to empower youths within rural communities to reach their potential through their biggest passion. Leave the village knowing that the sense of solidarity between you and the village rugby team will be one of the biggest motivators towards the sustainability of our rugby program.

Why Coaching Rugby is Important in Fiji

In the remote communities of Fiji, the villagers access to sport is stunted by a lack of equipment, knowledge and structure. The villagers play rugby with everything from a coconut to an old coke bottle wrapped in cloth. We use rugby as a tool to engage the community youth group and foster messages of team work and health as part of a bigger government program of holistic development. The villagers really value your time, effort and commitment so it is important to maximise your potential by building these strong connections and learning about the challenges that the rural communities face around participation in sport. Coaching and playing alongside Fijian villagers will leave you inspired as you experience a new level of dedication, enthusiasm and natural flair!



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Experience Rugby Coaching - Fiji Style
'In Fiji rugby is more than a's a way of life"

Rugby in Fiji is like a religion.  Start a conversation about rugby and the entire village, from young children to little old ladies will have their view!  It’s a national obsession.  Our rugby volunteers and players are in their element experiencing a country so besotted with the game.


Work with communities in some of the most rural parts of Fiji, where rugby is their biggest passion in life. We use rugby as a tool to motivate communities around, improving confidence, team work, health, discipline as part of a bigger government program of holistic development.


Never before have you coached and trained in a location as beautiful as Fiji. Travel to the more remote communities and lead rugby practices, where resources, knowledge and access to skills training is extremely limited but a love for rugby is like nothing you’ve seen before.


Every day you can finish your volunteering by throwing a ball around with the local villagers.  Fijians will play impromptu matches each afternoon as the whole community come out to play.  It’s the chance to be a legend of your Fijian village as you pitch your skills in touch rugby or experience the national obsession – Fiji sevens!


You’ll make lifelong friendships and deep connections with the local youths as you train, coach and play together. Representing your village alongside your new teammates will be a memory you will never forget. Through our ‘rugby outreaches’ we jump into trucks or outboard motor boats to coach sports in some of the hardest to reach communities.


We take rugby coaching to some of the remotest villages of Fiji and working with the FRU and the National Sports Commission we spot and nurture undiscovered talent.  Some of the young players we’ve coached have gone from remote jungle villages to playing at the highest level in Fiji, under the wing of Fiji’s national set up.


A life changing experience for anyone that loves rugby! The enthusiasm and dedication of the youths will astound you and increase your passion for rugby.  You’ll forever look back on your days spent coaching in the Fiji Islands as remarkable.  Many of our volunteers continue to keep in touch with their village team mates and the majority return years later to visit their Fijian village.

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