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Long Term Investment into Fiji's Future
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Ethical Cost Breakdown
As a Social Enterprise and Fijian Charity, we provide positive global exchange, which invests in Fiji's Future

Think Pacific operates for purpose, rather than profit.

As a social enterprise, we reinvest project fee’s into the delivery and development of our programs, whilst our charity supports core areas of Fiji’s National Development Plan in partnership with the Fijian Government.

Over the past decade, Think Pacific has invested over $8.2 million dollars into Fiji, facilitating training, skills development and global experience for Fijian youth, expanding career opportunities for local people, achieving core programs in health, education, sports and infrastructure development and promoting sustainable livelihoods.


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Virtual Internship Cost Breakdown
Unique Experience For You. Sustainable Impact For Fijian Organisations.
Internship Delivery
  • Live workshops, briefings, cultural sessions & Q&A sessions
  • Personal mentoring and group workshops
  • Ongoing advice, communication & support by email, zoom and phone
  • Skills Development Series
  • Project management 
  • External speakers and delivery partner costs
  • Panel discussion delivery
  • Intern certificate and attribution
  • Global Scholarships
UK Operations
  • Technology & Systems
  • Equipment and office resources
  • Communication
  • Content creation & development
  • Video production
  • Innovation & new program development
  • Financial management
  • Liability insurance
  • Charity reporting
  • Association memberships
Global Engagement & Awareness
  • University liaison and relationship building
  • Promotional webinars
  • Global online events and conferences
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Social media management
  • Alumni group management
Fiji Operations & Running Costs
  • Fijian staff wages and expenses
  • Fijian speaker fees and partner donations
  • Fiji VI partnership development, co-ordination, interview, meetings, assessment and support
  • Action project submission, management and feedback
  • Fiji office IT,  equipment, resources & communication
  • Fijian Govt MOU coordination, implementation and review
  • Local Fijian regulation, permits and fees
  • Fijian charity reporting
Fiji Scholarship Program
  • Fully funded scholarships, skills development and work experience for Fijian youth
  • Partnership programs with Fiji National University and University of the South Pacific 
  • Preparation, Delivery and Mentoring
  • Facilitating opportunities for Fijian students to have a global mindset and connect with a  diverse international community
Sustainability & Long Term Investment in Fiji
  • Infrastructure Projects e.g building community health workers clinics (x 4 between 2020- 2021)
  • Community First Aid training scheme in partnership with Red Cross Fiji
  • Grants to local charities and community groups (e.g Supporting disadvantaged children through Mobile Kindy & Child Benefit NGO)
  • Supporting cyclone recovery and resilience through NDMO and local agencies
  • Adding capacity to local charities, community groups and voluntary organisations and supporting conservation, sports development, women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship programs and mental health campaigns.
  • Reinvestment of funds to Think Pacific Foundation for long term planning and facilitation of Fiji’s National Development Plan
Volunteer Project Cost Breakdown
We Pride Ourselves on Our Ethics, Transparency & Attention to Detail
Volunteer Related Costs
  • Transport – including airport or resort pick up, Project food & accommodation
  • Weekend activities including boat trips, truck transportation and any associated local fees or village contributions
  • Beach resorts for in-country Briefing & De-brief & R&R
  • All In-country transport by bus or boat
  • Training materials
  • Briefings and workshops
  • Project expenses (e.g village fuel, kerosine, sevu sevu)
  • TP t-shirt and Sulu
Charity & Sustainability
  • Resource provision and donations to youth groups
  • Educational resources, sports equipment and advocacy information
  • Training, leadership and skills development programmes for youths
  • All costs to fund Fijian Ambassador Programmes
  • Funding Courses for local people – OSEP, Public Health, WHO, WASH Surveys, First Aid Courses, Mental Health Training
  • Funded internships for Fijian Students
  • Enterprise Scholarships
  • International Mobility Scholarships
  • Work Training for unemployed youths
  • Building Materials and all associated costs for community and health development projects.
  • Contribution to carbon offsetting projects with local Fijian partners.
Project Operations, Support & logistics
  • 24 hour safety, support and management
  • Expedition Leaders providing daily support
  • Project Managers overseeing safety and delivery
  • Regulatory permits and Authority memberships (e.g FTRB)
  • Fiji running costs including print, post & stationary
  • Expedition kit and equipment
  • First aid and medical resources
  • Government bonds and local permits
  • Transport and resources for sports outreaches
  • Expedition liability insurance
  • Staff recruitment & Training
  • Financial security
Project Planning & Evaluation
  • Project site visits
  • Post project evaluation
  • Government Partner liaison
  • Training and workshops
  • Safeguarding
  • NGO partner training
  • Community preparation
  • Risk assessments
  • Compliance
  • Project reporting & Administration
  • Running local Fiji volunteer scheme
  • Staff training
  • Systems Development.
UK Volunteer Support
  • Project Co-ordinator Staffing
  • Preparation resources and online content
  • Office costs
  • University partner management
  • IT, data base management, Software Systems and Phone management.
  • Research & New initiatives
  • Partnership building
  • Local community and staff upskilling.
  • Advertising
  • Social media and content marketing
  • University presentations and preparation talks
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